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Band: Neuropathia
Album: Bubba Luciferi
Release date: 2006

01. Intro - City Of Satan [Turbonegro cover]
02. Psychic Killer
03. Beware The Goat
04. Dead Swine Army
05. Preachers Of Grind
06. Come Get Some
07. Hellbound
08. L.F.H.Y.A.A.
09. Gas Mask Society
10. Denim Demon [Turbonegro cover]
11. Night Of Hundred Pieces
12. Mope
13. Live Cemetery
14. Nuns, Guns And Rock'N'Roll
15. Mrs. Firefly
16. The Final Insult
17. Confession
18. Skyggedans [Satyricon cover]

Neuropathia is currently making a lot of noise in the Grindcore scene and even more in the underground. "Satan Is A Cunt" was their big break, actually that album made a bigger fan-base for this band, they started touring a lot and they in fact succeeded in this "notice me" crusade, not only for the massive touring but because they were really doing things the right way, including their music of course. Now Neuropathia released a new full-length called "Bubba Luciferi"; people were actually looking forward to hear this follow-up you know? So here's the review.

"Bubba Luciferi" is, in a word, shocking; the whole music is fast as hell, really aggressive and still very fucking catchy. Something changed though, fortunately the music is not as simple as in "Satan Is A Cunt", this new album shows a polished bands delivering complex structures and intricate scales; it's still Goregrind don't worry, it's grotesque, blasphemous and splattered to the bone, but you'll will also find versatile patterns and a lot of developed chords (just hear "Mrs. Firefly" or "L.F.H.Y.A.A." )

The intro settles the atmosphere for the whole album, though the slow-paced riff is quite disconcerting, the overall vibe suits with the entire album just perfectly. "Bubba Luciferi" is managed in a chaotic yet adaptable way, the punk undertones are still all over the place creating chaos and brutality, but then the super-catchy riffs thrown in the mix add great balance which makes this album extremely audible and easy on the ear.

Again, Neuropathia is a head-banging machine, the whole album delivers a moshing beat for you to break the face of the person next to you (Their live shows must be fucked up I'm sure), songs like "Dead Swine Army" or "Hellbound" are the best evidence for this case. To wrap the intensity of this album you have a really crazy layout with vintage nudity, female wrestlers and Bruce Lee kind of stuff…brilliant stuff indeed right? Too bad they didn't add the lyrics because it's always fun to read them, whatever.

So, I can easily say that Bubba Luciferi is way better than their previous works (including Satan Is a Cunt). These guys from Poland are great at what they do and if they keep improving like this they'll soon release a masterpiece for sure. This is Lifestage Productions's second release and it's already one of my favorite labels in the scene, keep the good works coming!!

Best Tracks: The whole album is worthwhile; check it as soon as possible. The greatest tracks are "L.F.H.Y.A.A.", "The Final Insult" and actually the intro.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by Herzebeth | 18.07.2006



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18.07.2006 - 18:15
Rosetta Stoned
Ahahaha Satan is a Cunt ^^ I love grindcore
18.07.2006 - 18:21
Account deleted
What the heck! Skyggedans cover? Now thats intressting!
19.07.2006 - 01:17
@Basso:'s indeed very interesting

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