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Band: Thyrfing
Album: Farsotstider
Release date: November 2005

01. Far Åt Helvete
02. Jag Spår Fördärv
03. Farsotstider
04. Höst
05. Själavrak
06. Elddagjämning
07. Baldersbålet
08. Tiden Läker Intet
09. Järnvidjors Dans [Japanese bonus]

Swedish Viking metal outfit Thyrfing are back, stronger than ever. After three years of sudden absence they hit the scene with their fifth album "Farsotstider." However, the most anticipated release of that year wasn't so agonizing, as we already found the previous release "Vansinnesvisor" to be great. This full-length shows only that the band has matured and are ready for creating. Thankfully, it was as "Vansinnesvisor" but just more massive. Most of you will not like it so much at the first listen; you have to listen to it more than once to truly start appreciating it.

From the beginning, the Viking metal has been a kind of extreme folk black metal with typical melodies. In that one I discovered these characters and as I said about this album, it's some kind of continuity of "Vansinnesvisor." Acoustic parts, a furious spectrum of tempos and roaring can be found as well as heavy guitar riffs and double bass drumming. Technically, everything awakens memories, strong keyboards, swift rhythm and stunning brilliant atmosphere. The production is slightly better than the previous full-length - even rawer (maybe because of the very aggressive voice of Thomas Väänänen ) but it's still acceptable.

The album starts with "Far At Helvete," an awesome song which features such a wonderful scream that I was completely transported and astonished at how Thomas's voice is able to push. The second "Jag Spår Fördärv " and the self titled track "Farsotstider" are both well done (high fast rhythm).

The remaining tracks continue to offer us a quite authentic spectacle, driving chorus sometimes countered by aggressive passages, it's beautiful, it's amazing, it's varied, it's Viking metal at its best!

Overall, "Farsotstider" is one of the finest releases in the Swedish Viking metal scene; a masterpiece that was certainly worth the three year wait. Special thank to Thyrfing, for completing their fifth album with such motivation.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Production: 10

Written by Mindheist | 29.07.2006


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31.07.2006 - 01:59
Rosetta Stoned
01. Far Åt Helvete - Go to Hell
02. Jag Spår Fördärv - I predict Destruction
03. Farsotstider - hard to translate, something like Times of Disquieting
04. Höst - Autumn
05. Själavrak - Wreck of Soul
06. Elddagjämning - something like "Fire equinox"
07. Baldersbålet - Balders Bonfire; Balder at the Stake
08. Tiden Läker Intet - Time Heals Nothing
09. Untitled

Most titles are in a very old fashioned Swedish.
14.12.2006 - 02:08
A 10?? Didn't thought Thyrfing was capable of making a perfect album. I'll check this, but I don't expect a lot...
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27.12.2006 - 23:06
Opium Magnet
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This album was a huge letdown for me, even though they decided not to keep to the same equation of good folk with harsh vocals, as with their first three (or possibly four) albums. I would give it a 7.
17.04.2007 - 02:10
No doubt this album deserves a 10.
24.04.2008 - 14:37
I think this is the best Thyrfing album and also one of the best viking metal albums ever made. I totally love it!
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