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Band: Crimsonfire
Album: Crimsonfire
Release date: October 2005

01. Eternal Days
02. A New Dawn
03. Reign In Fire
04. Morning Of The Magicians
05. The Age Of Aquarius
06. Empire Of Fear
07. Darkside To Sanity
08. Region Of Legends
09. Tears In A Greystorm
10. The Rising Sands

Louie Gorgievski - vocals
Anthony Tabone - guitars
Dianne Melichar - keyboard
Paul Yoannidis - bass
Domenic Pinto - drums

Power metal
Australia, 2005
Label: Majestic Rock
Length: 59:13

Power metal with a slight progressive touch, this is what Crimsonfire is all about. An appealing formula that requires a good amount of talent, but that's not what's going to stop the Australian band. With their debut album, also entitled Crimsonfire, the band introduces the listener to a world of power and majesty...

And that's true, Crimsonfire's music can really be powerful, sometimes heavy, and above all always very well performed. You can almost feel their motivation while playing. Take, for instance, Louie's voice: you see he has learnt, or inherited from the finest heavy/power metal singers, and eventually manages to sing better than most of his peers. In addtion, you'll find some acoustic passages in the intro of Morning Of The Magicians and Darkside To Sanity, contrasting with the more power metal moments that songs like Eternal Days and A New Dawn - the first two songs of the album - clearly represent.

But all in all, this album lacks something. What? I don't really know, but what I know is that whenever I play it from start to end, I find it boring, and all the variations the songs might feature are drown into a feeling of monotony. I actually enjoy the most of those songs when I play them individually, although there's still something missing. All the 10 songs are very good but not memorable, you know, as in "they don't drive me crazy".

So, Crimsonfire's debut album proves it is an excellent band, but not a revolutionary band. Their music sure does sound good, but not surprising. Perhaps it's just me after all, and that you will just adore listening through Crimsonfire's quality power metal. If you're into the genre, you should definitely try out the samples available at their website or you could regret it.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by wrathchild | 22.07.2006



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23.07.2006 - 08:24
Account deleted
I saw these guys for the first time recently and I pretty much agree, although I can only base my opinion on the live show. They are good, and worth a listen, but nothing really stood out and made me, for lack of a better word, "excited".
15.02.2007 - 00:21
Advice Troll
Hm... nice band. I liked the samples a lot... I'll probably buy this album now I'm at search for new power metal bands
Bitch! Please
02.07.2007 - 13:35
Advice Troll
Yeap I bought it... It's a bit progressive but that doesn't bother me much. Indeed it lacks on something and I think it's the feeling. As a debut album it's normal to be a bit cold, but i don't really mind. 10 from me
Bitch! Please
07.10.2007 - 08:39
Account deleted
Support Aussie metal! these guys kick ass live
07.10.2007 - 11:55
Heaven Knight
i have heard those songs they have on MySpace...sounds nice - nothing very special but enjoyable power
So behold the flight of the sapphire dragon
soaring through the skies once again

16.08.2010 - 22:02
Progressive should never "bother" somebody lol. Progressive is what you want in music =D Musicianship = good.

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