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Band: Via Mistica
Album: Under My Eyelids
Release date: 2006

01. Into The Night
02. Dream I: Under My Eyelids
03. Never
04. Dream II: Edge Of Light
05. Dream III: My Eternal Home
06. Dream IV: Secret
07. Dream V: Beside You
08. Dream VI: Fairy Tale
09. Dream VII: She's Dead
10. Fearless
11. Dream VIII: Manolis
12. Dream IX: Danse Macabre
13. Dream X: Parallel Mind
14. Dream XI: Believe
15. Dream XII: Reflected In My Last Tear

"Under My Eyelids" is already the third album of the Gothic combo from Poland, Via Mistica. Between Doom and Gothic with a really nice female vocalist and a lot of acoustic instruments like cello, this band plays a beautiful dark music. Even if they're not so famous I think that all the ones who like this kind of sound should have a look on their last release, their best one without any doubt.

"Under My Eyelids" is a real album of Gothic Metal. You'll be able to find sad and dark melodies with in general mid-tempo rhythms. The voice of Kaśka is really nice but she is not the only one singer since that Marek sings also with some Death vocals. Actually, we're not so far of the olds Theatre Of Tragedy but there are some little differences like the omnipresence of instruments like Cello. It gives a nice classical touch and sometime we're not so far away of Symphonic Metal but in any case the band can be compared to a Nightwish or something like that. Above all, it's Gothic music and it's good

"Under My Eyelids" is not revolutionary though. It's a good album of Gothic Metal and it's good to be able to listen to this kind of music but it's also a bit common without a lot of originality. But the production is good and the performance of the musicians is more than correct and at the end I can only say that "Under My Eyelids" is a common release of Gothic Metal but a really good one.

Fans of real gothic Metal, have a look on this band from Poland. In the style they're really good performers and their new album "Under My Eyelids" is a really good surprise. Don't expect anything new though but be sure that you'll pass a good moment when you'll listen to this album.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 24.07.2006



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24.07.2006 - 21:13
its a good band!!
24.07.2006 - 21:37
their second album was better but this album is good first listening i thought to give them 6/10 but now after lots of listenings i will give 8/10
there is nothing left to die for...
27.07.2006 - 00:56
Yeah, they are really good.
03.06.2007 - 12:20
one of my favourites!

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