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Grenouer - Try review


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Band: Grenouer
Album: Try
Release date: 2007

01. Intro: Verified
02. Devil's Eye
03. Open Up Entrails
04. A Passage In The Sky
05. All Along The Runway
06. Powdering Squeeze
07. Wanting To Be Alone
08. The Message
09. Shut My Eyes

So what's new today with our Russians dudes of Grenouer? Well well, this time we have the luck to listen to three new songs (plus an introduction) on a new version of the EP "Try"(that I had the luck to review some months ago btw). So it's not so new on a side, and its' not yet their new album but like on the first EP, the new songs are also promising…

I won't be really long today since that I would like to see one day the real new album of the Russian combo instead of some EP… But when you know that the band has some serious problems with, sadly, a fire that burned all their studio and materials it's good however to see that they find the "power" and courage to record some new songs.

How are those songs then? Well, like with the three other songs of the first EP, we're in front of a modern Thrash/Death mixed with some Industrial sounds. The new song are correct well written even if in general I prefer an "old" song like "Devil's Eye" that was a lot more powerful. On the other side, the new songs, like "Powdering Squeeze" are a lot more complex and not so easy of access actually. I mean that the first three songs of the first EP ("Devil's Eye", "All Along The Runway" and "Powdering Squeeze") were all extremely catchy when the new ones are a bit more Progressive and deep. As I said, it's maybe not so easy of access but it's not so binary and it's obvious that the musical structures are a lot more technical and that's a good thing in my opinion.

We will see when the new album will be ready but in my opinion, it should be something interesting musically speaking at least. Grenouer is a good band that is able to play an original music so if you're not refractory to some "modern" Metal, have a look on this release and wait carefully the new album of the combo that should be released soon.

PS: Since that "+Try" is a bit like an upgrade of the EP "Try" I decided not to give a rating to this release.

Written by Jeff | 09.08.2006



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09.08.2006 - 15:04
Der Meister
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Sounds interesting, I´ll check out the samples on their site.

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