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Fleshless - To Kill For Skin review


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Band: Fleshless
Album: To Kill For Skin
Release date: 2005

01. Intro
02. Contract Of Blood
03. Sanguinica
04. Ordo Verminosum
05. The Final Cut
06. Lifedrain
07. In Vitro / Dead End
08. The Grudge Gear
09. Amor In The Shards
10. To Kill For Skin
11. Outro

I've heard this album a lot of times now and every single time it ends I just get very angry and say "why the hell this band stayed in the underground?" I really can't understand why shitty Brutal Death bands have a ridiculously huge fan-base and great bands like Fleshless stay almost unnoticed after 5 full-lengths and 13 years of hard work.

If you haven't yet heard this band, To Kill For Skin is a great starter; this album shows a tight band playing intense music with complex structures and irregular rhythms, quite different from their earlier works, for example their demos, splits and maybe their first full length called Grindgod where everything seemed to be about being the fastest most brutal band around without focusing on the skills and such things.

Don't get me wrong, this album is still quite brutal and heavy, but the band managed to keep a multi-faceted structure adding a lot of re-playable factors to the mix, those features that will shock you every time you give this CD a spin. The songwriting is really good as every track shows a different side of the band's style, thus making the album quite entertaining and easy on the ear without deleting all those crushing and violent surprises that Fleshless often utilize.

Last but not least, the layout is actually cool; you'll also get the chance to read all of these guy's lyrics while the CD disintegrates your speakers in the background (that's always a great feature don't you think?). Furthermore, the production is astonishingly clean; the whole album has impeccable audio let me tell you, and this actually makes the experience more enjoyable and way more brutal than expected (when listening at full volume)

Fleshless is a worthwhile band no matter what album you toss in your stereo; To Kill For Skin happens to be one of their greatest albums to date having everything an extreme metal fanatic could ask for. It's still not a masterpiece reforming the whole genre, but damn they are insanely close.

Best Tracks: "The Grudge Gear", "The Final Cut", "Lifedrain" (just in case you want to hear a good Thrash/Brutal Death mix?)

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 7

Written by Herzebeth | 10.08.2006



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10.08.2006 - 08:44
Account deleted
I do know this band if the info helps; they are quite good, but this album does not compare to their previous one "Sensual Death Immitation" man that album was kicking.
15.08.2006 - 17:53
Account deleted
It's really great. I am going to search for their previous albums too.
19.08.2006 - 23:24
Account deleted
Sounds like something i would like to hear.
23.05.2007 - 16:40
Account deleted
One of my favorite deathgrind albums.
17.07.2007 - 13:10
Ive only recently become a fan of Fleshless, started listening to this album...

... And I agree, how the hell are they still an underground band?!

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