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Band: Morgion
Album: Among Majestic Ruin
Release date: 1997

01. Relic Of A Darkened Past
02. In Ashen Tears (Thus I Cry)
03. Travesty
04. Basking Under A Blacksun Dawning
05. Invalid Prodigy

It's a shame when great bands go away almost unnoticed, after only a few works that, ultimately, didn't get enough exposure to the community. This is not an uncommon situation in Doom Metal, that, despite its strong legion of fans, is understandably a style rarely associated with famous bands. But it saddens me when I pick an album by talents like Morgion, that their potential has never been fully recognized. But it's there, in "Solinari" and "Cloaked By Ages, Crowned In Earth" for all to hear, and even their debut, this "Among Majestic Ruin" was already fascinating.

What strikes me the most when listening to it is how much Morgion changed after it, but always managed to maintain a certain identity and atmosphere. Granted that this one will seem more primitive and heavier, but they never lost some characteristics, it's a much more subtle evolution than what My Dying Bride or Paradise Lost did, for example. Throughout little more than half an hour we get five songs, each so depressing and slow that it's really impressive how varied and different they are.

"Relic Of A Darkened Past" will denounce one of the main influences for acts like Mourning Beloveth, you'll recognize the disturbing growls and heavy riffs, so present that the song gets dominantly Death Metal at some points. "In Ashen Tears (Thus I Cry)" has a beautiful intro based on acoustic guitar and develops very well; I particularly like the use of organ in several parts. "Travesty" is an instrumental song and is probably my favourite here, oddly enough. It gets pretty mysterious sometimes, but also epic, with trumpets and truly majestic keyboards and guitar work. "Basking Under A Blacksun Dawning" has a good start, but it's when the clean vocals kick in that it gets really interesting. "Invalid Prodigy" gets to be the heaviest song, even solos are included, it goes out to remember how unpolished Doom Metal can be at times.

Morgion had their personal style, and left an important legacy that should not be forgotten. I have to confess I discovered their albums in a reversed chronological order, which is actually not a bad order if you are struggling to choose a way to go through their discography. "Among Majestic Ruin" was not yet the masterpiece of gloom and darkness that the two following albums were to be, but it certainly has its relevance. Recommended.

Written by Passenger | 24.08.2006


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