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Sarpedon - Demo 2006 review

Band: Sarpedon
Album: Demo 2006
Release date: 2006

01. In The Sign Of Sin
02. To Some A Child
03. Ode To A Woman (In Death's Design)

Sarpedon is a young band from Norway and they play Progressive Metal. Their influences come from bands like Evergrey and for sure it's possible to do a link between those two bands in reason of the little dark orientation that the guys of Sarpedon put in their music. Their first demo isn't perfect, the quality of the sound is really average but we can find some good things in this release…

We only have three songs on the demo, but for sure it doesn't lack of rhythm and punch! "In The Sign Of Sin" is fast and heavy with a thrashy rhythm but it's evidently progressive music which means that you will be able to hear a good solo but also some lines of keyboards with complex melodies. At the opposite "To Some A Child" is a lot darker. But still, all the songs of the demo are really technical and I'm happy to hear that the Bass has an important impact on the music. This is without any doubt one of the "leaders" in the compositions. So ok on the other side with only three songs, it's not so easy to say a lot of things on this band but at least they know how to write powerful songs with some catchy melodies so it should work for them in the future…

The only little bad point of the release comes from the voice of the singer. Eirik P. Krokfjord is not a bad vocalist actually, but his voice clearly lacks of power. This is a bit problematic because it's not so easy to listen to him sometime and even if it probably comes from the average recording too, I really hope that Eirik will find a way to sing with a most powerful and charismatic voice in the future (and that's possible because I say it again, Eirik seems to be a good singer).

This demo is an interesting release. All is not perfect but for a first try, I think that we can find a lot of good thing on this CD. Though evidently the bands will have to confirm its potential and add maybe some others different elements in its music to find a real personality but this is not bad already and I can say today that Sarpedon is able to do good music. Let's wait a bit to see if they can confirm it…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 6
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 6

Written by Jeff | 02.09.2006


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