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Band: Isis
Album: In The Absence Of Truth
Release date: October 2006

01. Wrists Of Kings
02. Not In Rivers, But In Drops
03. Dulcinea
04. Over Root And Thorn
05. 1000 Shards
06. All Out Of Time, All Into Space
07. Holy Tears
08. Firdous E Bareen
09. Garden Of Light

Most of the albums I review come with an info sheet with the biography, the album data and some other careless things; but when I opened the envelop that contained this CD I saw more than the classic leaf, there was a whole Article/Interview with Aaron Turner from "Revolver", the usual preview of the album and another sheet with lots and lots of bullets (small phrases) praising this band and closing with the sentence "What do YOU say?", it's almost obvious how the label and the people at speakeasy press are utterly positive about this product, so this is what I think then…

Isis needs no introduction, at least now they don't; I still remember the Oceanic days when everyone thought that Isis was just an Egyptian goddess and nothing more. So anyway, Panopticon arrived and now everyone seems to love Isis; two years passed by and now I am holding their latest effort called " In The Absence Of Truth", the first thing I wonder is…where did they leave their Metal and their Aggressive roots? They even released a split with Pig Destroyer for crying out loud, and now everything sounds just so damn…stunning…yes, I can't complain actually, bands evolve throughout the years, some end up releasing utter crap and others (Isis included) develop their music and wind up creating magnificent tones wrapped with incredible melodies and unbeatable structures.

This new album could easily be catalogued as Post-Rock, the metal genre is there in really low amounts, not even vocally If you're meticulous; their sound progressed enough and it's now more Post-Rock than anything. The heavy guitars and the strong beats are still there, but the general vibe is far more intricate and progressive to be labeled as "just" Post-Metal, this is something else ladies and gentlemen, this album is something beyond words when it comes to the genre. To be lightly precise let's combine Explosions In The Sky with the mellow side of Pelican, finally add melodious vocals and a lot of Tool-esque intros and bridges. That could be an accurate description of how "In The Absence Of Truth" sounds like generally speaking.

So, "What do I say?" I say this is one of the biggest releases of 2006, a crushing experience waiting to fill your brain with innovative methods and colossal music; but I still prefer "Oceanic" over this album, and again, if I'm in the Post-Rock mood I'd probably go with Explosions In The Sky, Sigur Rós or Godspeed, You Black emperor! first. In the end this is a worthwhile album no doubt; it's better than many Post-Metal clichés around that's for sure. Write it down on your "to buy" list as soon as possible.

Best Tracks: "Not In Rivers, But In Drops", "Garden Of Light", "Holy Tears".

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Herzebeth | 21.09.2006



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21.09.2006 - 16:57
hi-fi / lo-life
I found this album to actually be heavier than the previous two and on the same level as Oceanic, quality-wise. Panopticon to me was a great dissapointment but now it seems that these guys are back.
21.09.2006 - 17:38
Account deleted
Like the other Isis albums, this one is a very pleasant listen, but nothing to let a mark on me... I prefer heavier and much more stunning shit like Neurosis' "Through Silver In Blood"...

And I agree with Herzebeth that this album is much more into post-rock, althouh in that field bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor or Red Sparowes beat the shit out of Isis (while I can't stand Explosions In The Sky)...

To conclude, good album, but lacks ther balance of "Oceanic"
21.09.2006 - 18:20
It's a good album indeed, but just like Daniel (Streetcleaner) said ...Oceanic has a better structure and better balance in the songs...though this new album DID leave a mark on me, it's always great to find this kind of quality in a band that used to play violent music...
22.09.2006 - 01:13
Account deleted
wasn't Aaron Turner(guitar/vocals for isis) the vocalist for Agoraphobic nosebleed at one point too?
24.09.2006 - 07:26
Metal Scientist
I wanna check this out really badly...
"You're all the same, the lot of you, with your long hair and faggot clothes. Drugs, sex, every sort of filth. And you hate the police, don't you? You make it easy."
29.12.2006 - 09:59
Account deleted
THIs is probably the most orignal album of 2006... by far although i do agree with oceanic having overall better songs and a more consistent structure i rock... mabey i think mabey at first they were growing on what in my opinion neurosis created and now they kinda grew into their own thing kinda like how celtic frost in the beginning was nothing more than a venom copy cat but then they became diffrent and more bad assed....yes i compared neurosis to venom and isis to celtic frost if i get shit for that well than fuck you!!!
20.11.2009 - 03:32
Liver Failure
It sounds pretty overrated to me. This mostly post-rock use turn out really boring, without the heaviness and even the ambient provided when the sludge dominate Isis.

Also, the vocals, both screams and the clean, does not sound as good as in the previous albums. ''Over Root and THorn'' (the most ''Oceanic'' track) and ''Garden of Light'' are the high point of the album.

Other than that, worst work from Isis imo.

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