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Chosen - Fragment (Piece III) review

Band: Chosen
Album: Fragment (Piece III)
Release date: 2006

01. Sinner
02. Inside Solution
03. Blood Sun Black Sky
04. Into The Depths

Third "piece" of the discography of the young Irish combo Chosen, "Fragment (Piece III)" is then their last album. Like with their two others precedent albums, we're again in front of an EP. It's not so long and we will only have the luck to listen to four songs but it's enough to understand that the band changed some things in its musical orientation.

Chosen still play a kind of "Nu" or modern Thrash Metal but there is a big difference with the precedent Fragment (they call all their albums Fragments (Piece I, II, III etc…). This time the "Metalcore" aspect is not so present. "Fragment (Piece III)" is heavier and above all darker and it's not so easy to find clean melodic vocals and "catchy" riffs. Well, evidently the riffs are still catchy but it's not so easy, this time this is a lot more complex and the structures of the songs are definitely more interesting in my opinion. For example, "Into The Depths" with its dark and complex melody is for me a lot better than the precedent songs of the band.

But of course you have to remember that Chosen still plays Nu Thrash Metal, so please don't expect something in the vein of Exodus or Kreator, no the music of the combo is definitely more oriented toward bands like Machine Head or the French act Dagoba, but first it doesn't mean that it is bad or boring, and second, at the end this modern Thrash is really enjoyable. Plus when you note that the production is without any doubt a bit better this time, I just believe that Chosen is on the good way.

"Fragment (Piece III)" is without any doubt the best EP of the Irish combo. All is maybe not perfect, sometime it still sound a bit amateurish maybe but it's better without any doubt. I think that I can say now that the band is ready to release a first real album. With some little adjustments and if they still follow the way of "Fragment (Piece III)" I believe that they will be able to catch the attention of a first label.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 7

Written by Jeff | 07.10.2006



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