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Band: Rage
Album: Soundchaser
Release date: 2003

01. Orgy Of Destruction
02. War Of Worlds
03. Great Old Ones
04. Soundchaser
05. Defenders Of The Ancient Life
06. Secrets In A Weird World
07. Flesh And Blood
08. Human Metal
09. See You In Heaven Or Hell
10. Wake The Nightmares (Falling From Grace Pt.1)
11. Death Is On It's Way (Falling From Grace Pt.2)
12. French Bourree [Ltd. Digi-pak bonus]
13. Fuga [Japanese bonus]

The first thing I have to say in this review is that ?Rage? is the most underrated Metal band in the world, unfortunately. To bad that not more Metal fans have discovered them, they are worth every cent you have to pay for their albums. The first time I heard ?Rage? was as late as last year when they had released the album ?Unity?, so I can's appoint me as their biggest fan. But I love their music and ?Peavy's? voice is one of the best in the Metal world. And it's going to be a pleasure to se them live when they arrive to Sweden with Helloween.

?Soundchaser? is ?Rage's? third release with today's lineup, as follow:
Peavy Wagner: Vocals & Bass
Victor Smolski: Guitar
Mike Terrana: Drums

And after just one listening that ?Rage? have found the way back to the music ?Rage? is supposed to play, heavy as lead and with a touch of Thrash.
And the point with that statement is that I was really disappointed with their album ?Welcome to the Other Side?, sure it's a good album, but where is the strength in your voice ?Peavy??
I want real power the voice; otherwise it's not ?Rage?. Already on ?Unity? did the fellows in ?Rage? find back to the hard Heavy Metal sound. And with ?Soundchaser? they have found it and now there are where they belongs, in the top of the Heavy Metal 'mountain?. With lovely melody and hard guitars and a drum kit that almost sets fire. This IS real Heavy Metal my friends. And the lyrics are fantastic and so is the production too, everything is so brilliant done. ?Peavy? himself says that ?Soundchaser? is a big step towards perfection and I can's do anything else that agree with him, because it should be impossible to do anything perfect but this is close my friends.
Go for it guys!

To take an example, take the song ?See You in Heaven of Hell?, wonderful melody and the lyric is amazing. If you can resist singing along with ?Peavy? here, you're not a real Heavy Metal fan. This is brilliant. ?I?ll see you in heaven one day or I?ll see you in hell? ?Sing a Long- An other example, the title song ?Soundchaser?, you can's do it better, no one can, this is one of the best Heavy Metal songs ever. It has everything. And ?Peavy?, I'm just saying ?Peavy? he has never been as good as this, I assure you.

So, if you want to have an album with REAL Heavy Metal, go to the closest CD-store and buy ?Rage ? Soundchaser? today, and your life will be complete.
Because this album rocks as hell and you're going to listen to it 10 times in a row, every time you but it in your stereo.

Killing Songs: ?Soundchaser? (One of the best Heavy Metal songs ever.), ?Human Metal?, ?See You in Heaven or Hell?, ?Falling Form Grace - Wake the Nightmares (Part I)? & ?Falling Form Grace - Death is on it's Way (Part II)?.

Score: 9/10 ? Close to perfection now.

Written by Malcolm | 09.10.2003



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09.07.2006 - 23:17
I am a RAGE fan for a long time... exactly from the End of all days album times.

I must say though this album is great and brilliant expecially the ballads "Wake the nightmares in my head" (with an exceptional Deris from Helloween on the back vocals) and the following "Death is on it's way" ... anyway there are plenty of other songs really cool like "War of worlds" and others, let's face it it's a great album... Although I feel that Peavy, Victor and Terrana arn't the perfect match as they say so... I prefered their style on; Trapped, The Missing Link, Black In Mind, End Of All Days, those, man I think that are their golden years, and now they're gone... Their latest album Speak Of The Dead is a big let down I would say... also Unity was so-so, and Ghosts had the first 3 tracks great but... Oh and Welcome To The Other Side it was pretty good, and at the end Soundchaser, wich I think it's still the best trio's album.

Oh one curiosity of mine; I've seen Peavy always sings with his tongue out, I wonder why?
09.07.2006 - 23:28
Retired Mod.
@abyss, about the tongue, I guess its a technique. LaBrie tends to do it as well a bit I believe.
15.07.2006 - 19:00
Yeah, Rage is definitely one of the most underrated Metal bands out there! Actually, my favourite songs from it are War Of Worlds, Great Old Ones and Defenders Of The Ancient Life.
27.01.2009 - 20:48
"Rage is definitely one of the most underrated Metal bands out there!"

Oh I completely agree with that!
14.05.2009 - 17:46
Varjo Hauta
Account deleted
"Rage is definitely one of the most underrated Metal bands out there!"

Damned right!

Peter, Viktor and Mike....that's my favourite line-up with Rage, and Soundchaser is one awsome glowing gem in my metal collection (along with Unity and Speak Of The Dead). After a couple of moments with this album, I was singing every line could remember. Malcolm writes the truth, you just simply can't resist singing along. Great Old Ones, Secrets In A Weird World, Wake The Nightmares <3 With this trio (Peavy, Viktor and Mike), there was somekind of magical energy in metal, because I can't sense it anymore with their latest record, even though I think there's still some power left.

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