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Unleashed - Midvinterblot review


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Band: Unleashed
Album: Midvinterblot
Release date: October 2006

01. Blood Of Lies
02. This Is Our World Now
03. We Must Join With Him
04. Midvinterblot
05. In Victory Or Defeat
06. Triumph Of Genocide
07. The Avenger
08. Salvation For Mankind
09. Psycho Killer
10. The Witch
11. I Have Sworn Allegiance
12. Age Of The Warrior
13. New Dawn Rising
14. Loyalty And Pride
15. Valhalla Awaits

With Entombed, Unleashed is in my opinion one of these few Swedish Death Metal bands which is able to play real good Melodic Death. And here, I'm not talking about Gothenburg Metal, no, I'm just talking about people who know how to play real Death without forgetting great melodies. If the last albums of the combo were not so amazing (without being bad however of course) I can tell you that we will all remember the year 2006 like the real return of Unleashed to its maximum. My friends, the "riff machine" is back…

Like the famous Swedish controversial painting by Carl, Larsson which uses the same name, and which represents the sacrifice of a Swedish king to ensure the prosperity and survival of his people "Midvinterblot" is one more time inspired by Nordic mythologies. If you like stories about Odin, be sure that you will like to read those lyrics, though never forget too that the band is also extremely skilful to use metaphoric sentences…

Musically speaking, Unleashed is still a great "riff-machine", a band which is just able to write incredible riffs that will stay in your mind for ever. It's simple all the songs of "Midvinterblot" are catchy as hell and they all have those kind of melodies perfectly created to headbang. In general, the rhythms are fast and powerful, the guitars are aggressive and the voice of Johnny Hedlund is as always deep and brutal. When I listen to "This Is Our World" for example, the only thing which comes to my mind is, that I will have to jump everywhere in my room. But evidently, you have to know that it is a bit more complex, because the music of Unleashed in addition of its perfect riffs is also something technical. The tortured guitars soli are great and all in all, the structure of the song is not so easy. But you can also find some mid-tempo songs like "Midvinterblot" and let me tell you that it just kick ass. No really, "Midvinterblot" is maybe not the album of the year but it's a well-realised one with a good production and all the fans who like Death or just like classy Metal will find something good in this release.

To be honest, and when I see the whole discography of this band, I still don't understand why they're not so famous in comparison of some others Death Metal combos. "Midvinterblot" will maybe not become a classic Death Metal album like "Shadows In The Deep" but it's a great release. Unleashed deserves to be respected, and I hope that through their new album a lot of people will understand that they're missing something. "Midvinterblot" is a great album of "real" Death Metal, and without any doubt this is one of the best releases of the year 2006.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Production: 9

Written by Jeff | 22.10.2006



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23.10.2006 - 03:57
Account deleted
Midvinterblot actually IS GOING to be a classic death metal album... just allow a couple of years my friend!!!:devil:
23.10.2006 - 07:53
Account deleted
I somehow was waiting and kind of hoping for Herz to write this review. Still a good one don't get me wrong, Midvinterblot is killer and WILL be a classic, just wait and see.
26.10.2006 - 14:25
Unleashed are one of my all time favoriete death metal bands for they have been true to the music all their career and gave us some of the best death metal albums in this world.

Johnny Hedlund ... simply a genius ... great Musician and song writer

Jeff great job on the review
27.10.2006 - 00:28
Lost To Apathy
"I Have Sworn Allegiance"...LOL, love the irony on this one. I actually find it to be one of their best, quite underrated IMO.

"Midvinterblot" is a good album, not their best, not their worst, Unleashed managing their career on a positive note.
You don't make up for your sins in church. You do it in the streets. You do it at home. The rest is bullshit and you know it ~ Mean Streets
27.10.2006 - 02:08
This a great album, but I think it could be better. They should have taken some tracks off and added some variation to the mix. Also, since you can actually understand the lyrics, I think they should have made less cliches. Anyways, this album is full of great guitar riffs and solos, and is just another great death metal album this year.
28.10.2006 - 04:40
Southern Wind
Account deleted
mmm a 6, being generous...I'm listening to the promo right now and it's rather boring, and this band is totally repeating themselves
02.11.2006 - 00:38
I liked that album !
19.11.2006 - 06:25
Account deleted
Great album indeed, all the songs are nicely crafted and the riffs rule. Excellent album period(.)
14.09.2007 - 06:02
Account deleted
fucking great album what can i say?
06.09.2008 - 06:51
Foetal Butchery
this is actually a really awesome album! solid riffs!
Dark death metal from Sydney:
06.09.2008 - 20:59
Urban Monster
The solos on Midvinterblot are just insanely good.
Any man can stand adversity, but to test his character give him power - A. Lincoln
02.10.2008 - 03:25
this album rocks. I can say that just on the fact that there's a song about joining Sauron. The entire album is great as well. Very awesome lyrics and solos
05.07.2009 - 19:12
lord artan
Not good not bad just average

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