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Blind Guardian - A Twist In The Myth review


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Band: Blind Guardian
Album: A Twist In The Myth
Release date: September 2006

01. This Will Never End
02. Otherland
03. Turn The Page
04. Fly
05. Carry The Blessed Home
06. Another Stranger Me
07. Straight Through The Mirror
08. Lionheart
09. Skalds And Shadows
10. The Edge
11. The New Order
12. All The King's Horses [Japanese bonus]
13. Dead Sound Of Misery [Japanese bonus]

After a couple of surprising moves - signing to label Nuclear Blast and quasi-unexplained firing of long time drummer Thomen Stauch - Blind Guardian is back with a new album entitled 'A Twist In The Myth'. Despite claims that this is a totally different direction for the band, the overall impression is very close to their previous opus, 'A Night At The Opera'. It is however more progressive and even a little more easy of access at times. The band also developped a brought up-to-date sound , which is obvious on songs like 'The Edge', 'Otherland' and 'Fly'.

This time, the lyric passages have been brought forth and it is obvious straight from the opener 'This Will Never End'. Listening to this track, it appears that the amazing vocal work that Hansi showcased with Demons & Wizards has now been transposed to Blind Guardian. But the first real thrill from this album is undeniably 'Otherland'. This one is halfway between their sound of 'Imaginations From The Other Side' era and their newest sound. It is sure to become one of their classics as it almost immediately reminded me of 'Born In A Mourning Hall'. With 'Turn The Page', we are back into the troubadour spirit that made Blind Guardian famous. However, it is also a testimony of a will to carry on their values and transpose them to a more current approach of their music as the song includes some unusual passages.

The single 'Fly', was already exposed to the critic and it got mostly positive reviews. It is a one of the kind composition for Blind Guardian. That's ironically why they actually have two songs made out of this: 'Fly' and a darker version named 'Dead Sound Of Misery' featuring a different set of lyrics. Which all things considered, is actually a smart way of closing this album. The mandatory ballad is called 'Carry The Blessed Home' and it has an unusual atmosphere for a band like Blind Guardian. It almost sounds like it could be a Dream Theater ballad. Overall, it is a fresh breeze for this album and it is a more complex song that it first appears.

The heart of 'A Twist In The Myth' is filled with splendid songs. 'Another Stranger Me' is the equivalent of what 'The Soulforged' was for their previous album, while 'Lionheart' and 'The Edge' are the most interesting tracks on the whole album in my opinion. 'The New Order' confirms once more that Hansi vocal abilities have soared in the past years. This is another strong hook of the album.

At the end of the day, Blind Guardian came up with a very interesting album, definitely worth your money. I have a very hard time picking out one song as my favorite track, which is usually a good sign. Just check it out, there is at least a little something for everybody.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9


Written on 04.11.2006 by Bringing you reviews of quality music and interesting questions such as:

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04.11.2006 - 15:45
Der Meister
Account deleted
I love this album. It's actually turning out to become my favourite BG album! Otherland is my favourite song, the chorus is soooo powerful!
04.11.2006 - 16:18
Yet another great Blind Guardian Album. You can really buy a new BG album, they never fail
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04.11.2006 - 16:54
Account deleted
Fucking awesome
04.11.2006 - 18:21
Account deleted
The lyrics to this album are fucking terrible, really, especialy after what Hansi wrote for Crimson King.

The song's aren't really cathcy except for Otherland, comapre tihs to previous Blin dguaridan albums, espeicaly Imaginations and Nightfall, all those songs got stuck in your head.

Apart from Carry the Blessed Home there is next to no emotion in the album at all, Blind guardian have done so many songs that move me to tears but there is ntohing on this album

The songs are all under 5 minute verse-chorus structure

The epic medieval atmosphere Blind Guardian were famous for is now gone almost completely, only left in Skalds and Shadows

The riffs and solos are awesome as ever, and Frederick is a good replacement for Thomen, sadly the songs they're put to have little depth or meaning behind them,

Vocals are good but I really miss the furious rough cries of the previous albums

I do not get why everyone loves this album...
04.11.2006 - 18:55
Rosetta Stoned
Okay album... 8-9/10 but still the worst Blind Guardian release ^^
quasi-unexplained... nice word
And how come staff members can do song by song reviews and I can not?
04.11.2006 - 19:11
avatar of misery
Okay, this album is not horrible, maybe not even bad. But it is definitely not great, and not even good. In other words, it's a grave disappointment, which was partially to be expected (Thomen's departure). "Opera" ruled. This one suc... does not.

No catchiness, no power, nothing. For good old BG, listen to Savage Circus instead.
04.11.2006 - 20:13
i like this review, the disc is still a good work, even if not comparable to Imaginations, Nightfall or Somewhere far Beyond. Well, it's one of the best power releases in 2006
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04.11.2006 - 21:02
It's a good disc, it's kind of on the '70's psychodelic side......Hmmm I still like "A Night At The Opera" better though.
04.11.2006 - 21:36
This album is fucking AMAZING and most definitely one of the best pieces of music I have heard in several years.

Dream_Taster, I really enjoy this review since you recognized many of the positive aspects of this album. I'm tired of people not liking it just because they already love the older BG work. Thanks

A Twist in the Myth is my album of the year and leaves all others in the dust!
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At the end of my days"
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04.11.2006 - 22:01
Account deleted
I like this one
04.11.2006 - 22:41
This album is great, my favorite trakc is straight to the mirror. I will see them in towo weeks live!!!!!!!!!
05.11.2006 - 00:05
It's definitely not great. Probably their worst. They started losing the plot with ANATO but at least they had some incredibly catchy tunes then. The only songs that I think are worth remembering here are Skalds... and Turn the Page. What I wanna know is why Hansi doesnt push his vocals anymore, he just keeps that same soft melodic tone (which can get annoying after a while). I mean, remember how he used to scream in I'm Alive?? What happened to that???

And I thought the drummer quit.
05.11.2006 - 01:03
Jason W.
I can't say I agree much with this review, for I find this to be one of BG's worst albums. I don't recall why Thomas left the band or if he was kicked out, but the Savage Circus debut is hugely enjoyable, whereas this CD has a couple of catchy tracks and not much else. There is something about the sound and feel to this disc I don't like. I can't figure out the right words to describe it, but the guitar sound is certainly part of it. Sure, I'll be seeing them this December (first time), but it's not for anything on this disc...
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05.11.2006 - 02:27
Dark Cornatus
I had mixed emotions about the album, it is for me one of the lower ones, i rate it 7.5/10. There are still some amazing tracks though like Carry The Blessed Home, Skalds And Shadows and Straight Through The Mirror. I like the ballads better on this album that the heavy stuff. I think Otherland is quite overrated too. Fly has a stupid background noise that pisses me off. Its a change for BG, overall a decent album, but its going to be no ones favourite release of the year for sure.
05.11.2006 - 03:01
Dark Blood
The Avenger
Very nice review Dream_Taster! I think this year was a little poor on good albums..maybe 2 or 3 were REALLY good.. but this album is so damn great!! I can't pick up a favorite song.. they're all good and with unique tunes. In my opinion, definitely the best of the year!
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05.11.2006 - 03:03
Opium Magnet
Account deleted
This album was a good listen, although not their best, but definitely NOT one of their worst.

I'll admit that some of the songs here do become boring, but it was all experimentation, really (If anyone heard the interview on the leaked copy).
05.11.2006 - 03:24
avatar of misery
Definitely their worst. Okay, "Skalds and Shadows" is a good song, but that's it - their second worst, "Battalions of Fear" also has a good song, "Majesty".

This album is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING compared to ANATO. Well, unless you're a proghead or something like that. Which I'm not, only an old (ex-)Blind Guardian fan.

"And Then There Was Silence", hello?
05.11.2006 - 10:07
Great review .

Like pretty much everyone else, I really like the album, but I don't think it's BG's best.
"Summoned By Words Never Spoken Before..."
05.11.2006 - 10:57
Account deleted
I'm very dissapointed with this release, I was expecting something much much better. 6/10
05.11.2006 - 13:16
Good album, still lacks a little bit of the feeling of previous releases: it's not as epic as I would like it to be (epic in the Blind Guardian's way of course).

Anyway is a good album, specially for those who like progressive stuff.
05.11.2006 - 19:00
Baz Anderson
i wasnt so impressed with this album, but i still thought it was worth my money
its a good album, but it just didnt excite me the way that 'A Night At The Opera' did
i dont know - maybe it was released in a patch when i wasnt to into Blind Guardian - so i didnt get as good of a first impression of it as i might if i listened to it when i was really into them..

over all id say 7.5 or 8 out of 10 or something along them lines
06.11.2006 - 02:55
Irreligious of today, I'd say that this album's starting to grow on me.....The strength in "....Opera" was the Vocals but this album has a great strength to, that being The Guitars, wow some great melodies are pulled off on this record. I'd say it is an aquired taste!

06.11.2006 - 04:11
el parcero
I think it's not bad, some songs still have that sound that made BG great, but most of the album lacks it. It's good, but just that, nothing great to highlight about it
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08.11.2006 - 14:26
Account deleted
Not a bad album but definitly not the one I was expecting from Bling Guardian.
15.11.2006 - 03:15
Southern Wind
Account deleted
This is the best album ever by BG... enough said... not catchy??? couldn't care less, "Twist In The Myth" is brilliant
16.11.2006 - 02:11
Written by Götter on 05.11.2006 at 03:24

Definitely their worst. Okay, "Skalds and Shadows" is a good song, but that's it - their second worst, "Battalions of Fear" also has a good song, "Majesty".

didn't you make a review for "Battalians Of Fear" which was a positive one
16.11.2006 - 08:47
avatar of misery
Written by ThunderAxe1989 on 16.11.2006 at 02:11

Written by Götter on 05.11.2006 at 03:24

Definitely their worst. Okay, "Skalds and Shadows" is a good song, but that's it - their second worst, "Battalions of Fear" also has a good song, "Majesty".

didn't you make a review for "Battalians Of Fear" which was a positive one

Yeah, and I like "Battalions", but it's still their second worst.
And kindly disregard my reviews, they're old and mostly crap.
16.11.2006 - 14:43
ohhhhh......okay then. But I wouldn't go so far as to say it's their 'second worst', it might not have the production and melody as the newer albums, but it has so much attitude and such a great old school vibe! When you compare 'A Twist In The Myth' to 'Battalians Of Fear' , it hardly sounds like the same band
12.01.2007 - 18:24
Ytse Jam
Account deleted
When a friend of mine lent me his copy of this disk, i thought i would be listening to a typical power metal album. But to my surprise, "A Twist in the Myth" offers a lot more! I admit, this is the first time that I heard BG's sound. And all i can say is this one kicks ass! Not a typical power metal, a lot of variation in music, more complex, some progressive elements are present, but still their technical expertise are no doubt evident all throughout the album. I think there is nothing wrong if the band is changing their sound to be a bit more progressive coz they're awesome.:banger:
24.01.2007 - 01:45
Advice Troll
I knew from the first time that there would be some fucking whiners that wouldn't like this. I also knew that many would think it must be their worst... It's becoming a rule to dislike a great band's newest release... Come on posers! What's your problem? It's the usual Blind Guardian sound, just a bit evolved. A band can't make the same release every time. You can't have the same masterpiece every time. Go and worship a less famous band then, with the same shitty sound every time...
Personally, I'm kinda bored of the same sound. I do like this album thought and I believe it's far better than some older of them...
Grow up losers!
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