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Band: Sodom
Album: Sodom
Release date: April 2006

01. Blood On Your Lips
02. Wanted Dead
03. Buried In The Justice Ground
04. City Of God
05. Bibles And Guns
06. Axis Of Evil
07. Lords Of Depravity
08. No Captures
09. Lay Down The Law
10. Nothing To Regret
11. The Enemy Inside
12. Kamikaze Terrorizer [Japanese bonus]

Finally! Sodom releases something new since 2001's "M-16" which was a decent album, but sounded a little uninspired in my opinion. What we have here in the new album, aptly titled "SODOM" is a hammer to the face of old school thrash with some melodic influences. Right from the start, the album pushes itself forth with intensity and speed. After a quick intro with acoustic guitars, the heavy instruments kick in and you can't help but love it. This is thrash in all its glory, folks. Of course, there are good aspects of this CD, which is the speed and intensity. Not to mention the guitar solos are sometimes really wicked (Especially in City of God.) But there also some bad aspects that can't be just simply overlooked. First off is the weak sounding guitars used on the album. The guitars lack a much needed crunch and sound almost garage-ish. Also, there is a problem with the double bass drums which can't be heard at all throughout the entire cd, unless you turn your bass up almost all the way. They seem to get muffled a lot in the chaos of every instrument being played at the same time.

But of course this doesn't mean that the album is bad. On the contrary, this album is very good, although it has it's problems with the production quality. Almost every song is memorable on this album. At certain points this album will sound so old school and thrashy that you'll feel as if you've gone back to 1986 in the good old days of Kreator's "Pleasure to Kill" and at other points the songs will get slightly melodic, and even though it's slight; it still adds a lot of contrast to the songs.

To keep it short, Sodom's new album is a killer piece of thrash metal. It's better than their previous album, but it's still got some problems that will hopefully be fixed for their next album.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by ChristianMetaler | 23.11.2006


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Sodom is like a big, ugly rock in the middle of a river. The currents change, the seasons change, hell - even the flora and fauna changes… but Sodom is still in the same place as before. Well, at least till now! For the first time ever these legendary thrash metallers decided to alter their traditional sound and include elements of other styles. The results might not be perfect but still - appreciate the magnitude of this event, people!

published 21.04.2006 | Comments (5)


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11.01.2007 - 09:01
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Im still really undecided about this album, I mean, from the first track to 'axis of evil' i thought this would be the album of '06, but then track 7 I was bored stiff. So overall a good album 6/11 good songs is worth it I guess.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
29.01.2007 - 12:59
It may seem old buy it is fara beter then the rest of '06.
27.07.2007 - 11:16
Very good album and the sound I think is intended to be a bit rawish. Those perfect studio qualities that lately come out sound all quite the same ... this is different and I like it. A must in my vinyl collection
27.07.2007 - 15:18
It is a very raw album, but I like it anyway. One of the best Thrash releases last year. I'm really looking forward to the Sodom show on Wacken.
12.08.2007 - 08:31
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
Written by Infurnace on 27.07.2007 at 15:18

It is a very raw album, but I like it anyway. One of the best Thrash releases last year. I'm really looking forward to the Sodom show on Wacken.

Raw?! Raw generally means low production/sound Venoms Welcome to Hell would be considered raw....the production on this is actually really good.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
28.08.2007 - 13:43
Account deleted
i think this is a very great album!
and yes one of the highlights albums of 2006
never let down from sodom (at all)
and not (free) political content :-p!
13.08.2008 - 16:54
i kinda liked the production of the album, it makes everything sound krispy and clear, I do agree with you on the drums though...

but musically, i think its some of the best stuff they have done in years!
25.01.2010 - 11:51
Great album,no complains!!!
Will the ones who live after our end
Worship the goddamn cross again?
25.01.2010 - 11:55
Great stuff! I especially love the super crusty, evil vocals in the beginning

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