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Band: Waco Jesus
Album: Receptive When Beaten
Release date: 2006

01. The War On Women
02. Fuck Sobriety
03. Respect The Fist...Bitch
04. The Putrid Few
05. A Daily Dose Of Bullshit
06. My Hatred Sustained
07. A 40 to The Face
08. Receptive When Beaten
09. Science God [Infect cover]

What we have here is one of the sickest bands in metal history…or at least what it used to be the sickest band for that matter. Waco Jesus is a band that keeps impressing me with their evolution and development; they used to be a band focused in scat-sex pictures, fast as hell music and misogynist lyrics; then, four years later, they grabbed all those elements and mixed them with well structured music and different kind of lyrics; now, after 3 more years, they created a violent monster jam-packed with catchy riffs, variable structures and multi-faceted songwriting.

When it comes to Waco Jesus I never thought I'd be saying this things actually; but these guys polished their music to finally sound skilled and experienced. It's Brutal Deathgrind, don't expect to find pink floyd-esque music, conceited arrangements or that kind of stuff; you'll still be bombarded with sickening music, aggressive execution and shivering vocalizations for half-hour straight.

In this brutal orgy you'll be able to find both ends of the band, the "hostile just for the sake of beating women" part, and the newer "We're also good and capable musicians" piece; songs like "Receptive When Beaten", "The War On Women" or "Science God", will astonish most of the ears that are used to the utter belligerence of the band's early material, while "A 40 To The Face" and "Respect The Fist…Bitch" will please the brutal ears waiting to bleed.

This album will blow the brains out of the "big names" in the scene; I wish albums like this one could get more distribution and more fanatics. The band was smart enough to add one of the most entertaining booklets in this CD; let me just say that, if every group were as cool as this one, adding pictures like the ones found in the layout and phrases like "I Love Johnny B. Because He Licks Me Where I Pee" there would be nobody buying piracy in the streets or downloading music from the internet, that's for fucking sure.

I can't recommend this album enough; this is what people should be listening instead of fruity-emo bands that wrongfully teach the youngsters that it's ok to cry and shit. This is maybe the most entertaining album I've heard this year, it has everything…hilarious lyrics, brutal music, nudity, a couple of guitar solos, a lot of catchy riffs, versatile patterns and even complex songwriting. Purists fuck off!!!

Best Tracks: "Receptive When Beaten", "Science God", "The War On Women"…actually the whole album is great.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Herzebeth | 19.11.2006



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20.11.2006 - 01:55
Account deleted
The last thing I've heard by Waco was Filth..it was ok I guess, but this one it's really outstanding
20.11.2006 - 05:26
Waco Jesus is fucking tight, but the artwork in their booklets is kinda disgusting. The monstrous vocals are my favorite part. uhh....these guys are more brutal than a cat with diarrhea while being in heat.
20.11.2006 - 19:51
duuude...the artwork in this booklet is so not disgusting..I wish I could see those things every fucking day...and yeah this album is more brutal than being gangbanged by a lot of midgets
20.11.2006 - 23:38
lol I was referring to the artwork of their older cd's. They have pictures of torn assholes and diarrhea and stuff like that.
21.11.2006 - 18:54
Oh yeah yeah...I've seen them lol... I was just saying that the current album has artwork that it's more erotic than a drunken girl showing how she pees...
02.05.2007 - 06:51
I've had this album for a little while now and I've listened to it hundreds of times. This is fucking intense shit. I describe this release as a pissed off Malevolent Creation. \m/
20.12.2009 - 19:32
I would like to see another band on this site from Illinois, Lividity
Them and Waco seem to do a lot of shows together
Old enough to be your Daddy... speaking of which... you look familiar... do I know your mother???

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