Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist review


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Band: Deftones
Album: Saturday Night Wrist
Release date: October 2006

01. Hole In The Earth
02. Rapture
03. Beware
04. Cherry Waves
05. Mein [feat. Serj Tankian]
06. U, U, D, D, L, R, L, R, A, B, Select, Start
07. Xerces
08. Rats! Rats! Rats!
09. Pink Cellphone
10. Combat
11. Kimdracula
12. Rivière

I remember when I bought "Adrenaline" back in 1995 or something; it was one of the most intense and original albums of that time, a lot of dudes out there started saying "Wooow like…Deftones is so cool like…yeaah". Some years passed by, and those same dudes who used to worship that type of bands found that Dimmu Borgir was oh! so brutal, that Dani Filth was actually Satan in disguise and that Children Of Bodom was potent as fucking hell…Turns out that if you now like Deftones you're the hugest poseur on earth…isn't it funny how hypocritical people can be sometimes?

Anyway, I bought the new Deftones album and I loved it badly. "Saturday Night Wrist" is better than their last two efforts, more mature than their first two and more talented than any of the above; so here you have an amazing blend between what this band used to do and what they intended to achieve with their self-titled album from 2003. Though, there isn't one single song that reaches the inhuman hostility that was so drenched in "Adrenaline" and "Around The Fur" as this album works more for its melodies than for its aggressiveness.

Most of you already know how this band sounds; this album goes in the same music line that Deftones draw in "White Pony", give or take some extra words. But there are new features for us to dig up in "Saturday Night Wrist", to begin with this is a more complex album, so finally we can hear this album a lot and we'll find new features each time, for example multifaceted structures, layered arrangements, clever lyrics, etc. There are now other linings on the songs as well, for example, we have now an instrumental tune which shows an experienced band that wishes to trade their "pop-rock" archetypes for something "extra spicy"; there's also the electro-pop track called "Pink Cellphone" that will suit some bizarre ears around (I personally hate it for being a deplorable "Lucky You") and the utterly melancholic "Rivière" that brings a new experimental sound that goes with the band perfectly in this new effort.

In the end the whole album sounds just amazing (except for that ninth track); too bad many metal-heads will skip this thing just for the sake of being "Tr00", still I have news for you people, Children Of Bodom is so gay that Alexi Laiho even plays in Sinergy, Dani Filth got arrested for buying transvestites and Dimmu Borgir is so brutal that they asked to play at Ozzfest along Unearth, Everytime I Die and Atreyu. If you ask me I prefer Deftones instead, you'll be pleased with "Saturday Night Wrist", it's their most intelligent album to date.

Best Tracks: "Hole In The Earth", "Kimdracula", "Beware", "U,U,D,D,L,R,LR,A,B,Select, Start"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 10

Written by Herzebeth | 04.12.2006



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21.11.2012 - 10:27
Gave this album a few plays on separate occasions (also worth mentioning, I truly despise this so called "Tr00" variable about a band. )
This is way too experimental from their other albums. But it was definitely a great release at that time.

Awesome review, BTW.

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