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Band: Kamelot
Album: One Cold Winter's Night
Release date: November 2006

Disc I
01. Intro: Un Assassinio Molto Silenzioso
02. The Black Halo
03. Soul Society
04. The Edge Of Paradise
05. Center Of The Universe
06. Nights Of Arabia
07. Abandoned
08. Forever
09. Keyboard Solo
10. The Haunting
11. Moonlight
12. When The Lights Are Down
13. Elizabeth
14. March Of Mephisto
15. Karma
16. Drum Solo
17. Farewell
18. Curtain Call/Outro

Disc II
01. Journey Within
    1 - HaloVision With Khan
    2 - Up Close with Thomas Youngblood at home
    3 - Casey Grillo at ddrum
    4 - Up Close Interview with Casey Grillo at home
    5 - Up Close with Oliver Palotai
    6 - Interview with Simone Simons
02. Videos
    1 - The Haunting
    2 - March Of Mephisto
    3 - March Of Mephisto [uncensored version]
    4 - Serenade
    5 - March Of Mephisto [Live at Sweden Rock 2006]
    6 - Making of "The Haunting"
03. Miscellaneous
    1 - Photo Gallery
    2 - Band Member Biographies and Top 5's
    3 - Discography

After a lot of successful albums, especially the last three ones, and a big long tour, the US combo Kamelot releases finally its first official DVD. With two discs, this DVD is composed of a concert recorded in Oslo Norway (the land of Kamelot's singer) plus a second disc with bonus like video clips, diary, gallery etc… (Note also that you can find this DVD with two CDs which are actually the live recording of the concert). No need to wait a bit more to say that this DVD is a must for the fans of the band even if I have to regret some little things… We will talk about it later…

"One Cold Winter's Night" is a great DVD. First, the concert was recorded in a really nice venue of Oslo, which was evidently full to welcome this popular US combo. The set list is composed of all the great songs of the band, "Forever" of course, but also songs like "Centre Of The Universe" or "The March Of Mephysto" to give some few names. As always with Kamelot, some guest singers and musicians (Simone Simons, Sacha Paeth, but no Shagrath…) were there to add some interactivity to the concert and well I must admit that the performance of the band was extremely convincing this night.

With a great quality of recording, the video is perfect, the show is not boring at all and the different angles that the producers chose to use are all really good. This is a good concert which is never long and since that the band chose to put all its "artillery" for this night (theatrical stuff, a lot of guest, great stage etc) it's really pleasant to watch this DVD, but a bit too perfect…

The "perfection" of this DVD is my main problem. Of course, I will not blame the fact that the video is perfect, of course not, but what about the sound? It's perfect too, without anything bad… And it's a bit strange… First we don't really hear the crow and that's a bit sad for a live recording plus, I didn't have the feeling that it was a "hot" ambiance when the images tend to show that it was really big… Also, the sound of the instruments, like the voice of Khan is perfect and it doesn't look so "real"… I'm maybe wrong but it seems that we had a big production work after the show and sadly that's a bit "too much" for me.

"One Cold Winter's Night" is a great DVD despite the little problem that you know now. The fact that the DVD is perfect is not really problematic of course but well, it doesn't give the feeling of a real live performance, that's weird. On the other hand it was a great show and the bonus are good so if you like Power Metal or just like Kamelot, this is a must. Don't miss it, Christmas is coming it could be a nice present for you…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 09.12.2006



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09.12.2006 - 18:37
Account deleted
I think it is a fantastic DVD. The crowd sounds aren't in it that much simply because it's a really small venue. That was actually the only big problem of the DVD for me. They should have had a way larger venue, and songs like March of Mephisto suffer as they aren't as epic with a small audience. Maybe it's just because the last Music DVD I bought was Nightwish - End of an Era and the crowd was a 14000 sold out arena. It made Kamelot look REALLY small.

What else... Oh yeah I wasn't incredibly dissapointed that Shagrath wasn't there, Snowy Shaw is a good singer. But WHY did they not make him sing? They just used the vocals from the CD and he lipsynced, not to mention the camera didn't even show him that much.

Other than that I can't really find a problem with the DVD too much. I've seen it about 6 times now and I am still very pleased with it. 8.6 sounds like a good score to me.
09.12.2006 - 20:23
Der Meister
Account deleted
A must-have for me!
10.12.2006 - 02:23
Account deleted
I tend to disagree with the 'over-production' after recording Jeff. They all play perfectly and Khan sings amazing. Overall a great DVD, i would give it a 9/10.
10.12.2006 - 05:59
Dark Cornatus
Live DVDs are almost always over dubbed, if you say it sounds too perfect, then most likely it is too. Has anyone seen Blind Guardian DVD, its the same thing, so amazingly perfect, that you can pick up on small things that tell you parts of it are dubbed. If it sounds like the studio songs then most likely.

Snowy Shaw rules! Drumming or vocals.
13.12.2006 - 02:21
After much debate, I finally picked up Kamelot's first DVD. Watching it a couple of times, I don't think any of it was overdubbed as none of the songs sounded anything like the studio versions, not to mention much of Khan's interaction/theatrics onstage. I believe your feelings for it being such a "perfect" production stem from Patric Ullaeus' film making approach. Primarily a music video director, his cinematography and editing style reflects that same feeling. I do like it as it makes an otherwise boring "live recording" far more interesting to watch/experience. Although, like you, some viewers may find this technique too cinematic for their tastes.

Regarding the concert itself, it was fantastic. My only issues have to do with the second "bonus material" DVD. Many of the interviews showed serious playback problems with extremely jerky video. I can only guess it was because they originally filmed in PAL and the transfer to NTSC was not handled properly, causing really bad frame rate issues. Or, it could just be my DVD players is really old technology.

Anyway, for my money I would give it 9 out of 10! It's that good.
02.09.2007 - 19:29
This is a 10/10 hands down for me
15.05.2008 - 12:35
I Would Give it 11/10 if Possible!!!!!!!!!!!!
I agree to Rathma & marts
the venue was too small for such band....
and the production's good and they all sounded amazing
12.06.2010 - 12:11
Kamelot is incredibly talented in so many ways. The band isn't carried by just a great singer, or amazing songwriting, or virtuoso musicianship... the combination of all of the above fuse to make something truly unique and special. I can't say enough good things about this DVD. The sheer level of badassery makes my spine tingle from beginning to end. Hats off to the Kam dudes and their crew for succeeding with flying colors.

11.01.2014 - 21:19
I watch lot of music live dvd's; this is better ones. If they used dubbing, it's hard to notice, like on many Megadeth-dvds. This one rules ! Okey, Evergrey Night to Remember-dvd has better live-feeling in it. But i don't mind...

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