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Band: Celesty
Album: Mortal Mind Creation
Release date: October 2006

01. Lord Of Mortals
02. Unreality
03. Demon Inside
04. War Creations
05. Empty Room
06. Among The Dreams
07. Back In Time
08. Arrival
09. Last Sacrifice
10. Final Pray [Japanese bonus]

As a hardcore power metal fan I had no choice but check out Celesty's newest album Mortal Mind Creation. Now I must confess, I have never been their biggest fan. I've always considered them as a mediocre power metal band with few really good songs but now this, I don't know if I should cry or laugh. To be honest I'm so tempted to start to rant about the whole state of power metal genre these days but I guess there are enough things in this album to whine about so I'll try to stick with it.

The very first thought in my mind while listening this album was "Is this the right CD. This couldn't possibly be from 2006?!" Yes, with their 3rd effort Celesty stumbled upon every weak power metal cliché. I don't even understand how that is even possible after 48 million power metal album released since 1987 when Keeper of The Seven Keys was released, I wish the Celesty guys would have listened to some of those and caught onto mistakes that they should avoid in their albums.

The sad thing is that Mortal Mind Creation is not an entirely bad album, I do see a lot of good things in it, for example the production is first class and the keyboards are very impressive. Even some of the songs have a great potential but.. it all comes out in such a naïve and corny way, with all the pompousness it's still a very monotonous album. In my opinion the weakest link in the band is the singer Antti Railio, he's not a bad singer but just a bit weak and unstable. Listening to his vocals is way too exciting for me, like watching rope-dancing "oh God, will he hit the note or not. Ack, this is not going to end well". When he succeeds it comes out really good but unfortunately in this album there is way too much of those false notes and not only that but I find his Finnish accent way too strong and annoying.

Another little detail that annoyed the hell out of me was the start of track 6, Among The Dreams, really beautiful little acoustic guitar intro and first I couldn't understand what was wrong in it but then I realized that it's almost identical to the start of Kiuas' Thorns Of A Black Rose. I do know that there's no combination of notes that wouldn't have been done yet in metal but the thing what annoyed me is that as it was so similar to the other song it made me actually expect for a really good song, which lead to disappointment.. AGAIN!

I can't really point out any highlights in this album, like I said it's monotonous so pick any song you want and you'll know what this album is about. If you're fan of Hammerfall or Freedom Call type of simple and even a bit immature power metal you should check this album out but don't expect anything spectacular, if you're not a new with power metal you've heard all this million times before, tons of times done a lot better than Celesty achieved with Mortal Mind Creation.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 3
Production: 9

Written by Angelique | 09.12.2006


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In general I'm not too nice with the new Power Metal releases. It's not that I don't like the style, I like good Power Metal, but unfortunately a lot of those release never give anything new and original and it's quickly boring at the end. With their 3rd album, "Mortal Mind Creation", Celesty tried to change this trend, and well I can tell you that they knew how to do it!

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13.12.2006 - 07:57
Angie I agree with most of this but would personally give it a slightly higher rating (maybe a 7+). I also can't stand the vocalist. Some songs he's really "on" (usually when he is drowned out by the instruments) but most songs he is just not suited for. I think I read a bio of them several years ago and remember that he is very young, probably 20 or so right now. His vocal immaturity is really obvious.

The biggest surprise for me on this album was their huge use of synth orchestrations so embedded in their rythyms. If they had a soprano vocalist instead of that young guy they could have easily been mistaken for bands like Within Temptation, Epica, etc. Half of the album was barely power metal. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but as Angie said, it's already been done to death!

All that said... several of the songs really impressed me with their pure enjoyability. "Back in Time" is one that specifically caught my attention and made me say "who is this band?" Most of the album had a decent enjoyability factor, so, despite the vocalist, I think I'll keep listening to Celesty
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