Esoteric - Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum review


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Band: Esoteric
Album: Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum
Release date: June 2004

01. Morphia
02. The Blood Of The Eyes
03. Grey Day
04. Arcane Dissolution

It's never an easy job to review an Esoteric release. They have gained such a reputation for being one of the most unique and extreme bands in the Doom spectre that it is hard to oppose, they are almost untouchable - and with good reason. The fact is that "Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum" is not an easy listen. It's devoid of any pleasant human feeling; it's savagely cold, heavy and droning. It'll put you in a miserable state - yes, it is as fascinating as it seems.

The sombre torturous atmosphere of this album left me speechless. This is not typical Funeral Doom; it is basically as slow as you probably expect, but there's this whole psychedelic sense, and really raw and mechanical distortion. As opposed to that more ethereal sound of other bands that rely on keyboards and clean vocals, for example, like Pantheist or Skepticism. Esoteric is closer to bands like The Funeral Orchestra, with their frightening sound and disharmonic, multi-layered structuring.

"Morphia" is extremely heavy and obscure, right from the first riff. I really like how Greg Chandler firstly growls for as long as he can without breathing, but later on you'll find some haunting screams that will give you the goose bumps. "The Blood Of The Eyes" is the most emotive track I've heard from Esoteric, it's insanely powerful. The initial main riff is so depressing that it seriously put several suicidal thoughts in my head, temporarily. The progression it takes is also brilliant. "Grey Day" is probably even slower than the previous two, but its inhumane emotion is just as compelling. "Arcane Dissolution" is by far the shortest track in the album, and serves as a good closer; it's basically very dark ambient Doom.

Esoteric may seem monotonous at first listen, but you have to let yourself be absorbed by its aesthetics, you can't listen to this on just any day. Once you get past beyond its fever-inducing slowness you'll be ready to realise the true power and beauty of "Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum" and actually enjoy everything about it. Even the same slowness that used to put you off. This is truly a devastating and intense experience that I recommend highly to anyone who can appreciate extreme Funeral Doom Metal.

Written by Passenger | 11.12.2006


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11.12.2006 - 13:16
Angel of Lust
What an incredible album! What a beautiful sadness...
This album is simply incredible, very emotive and slowly decadent... Impressive atmospheres, also the vocals and the melodic parts!
So great review! I love this album!

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,
and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
Howard Phillips Lovecraft
29.11.2008 - 15:18
Did you know Esoteric have this review on their official website?
30.11.2008 - 17:55
Lost To Apathy
Written by Stuart on 29.11.2008 at 15:18

Did you know Esoteric have this review on their official website?

Ha, no I didn't! That's awesome, makes me quite proud Thanks for telling me this.
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