Metallica - Garage Inc. review


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Band: Metallica
Album: Garage Inc.
Release date: November 1998

Disc I
01. Free Speech For The Dumb [Discharge cover]
02. It's Electric [Diamond Head cover]
03. Sabbra Cadabra [Black Sabbath cover]
04. Turn The Page [Bob Seger cover]
05. Die, Die My Darling [The Misfits cover]
06. Loverman [Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds cover]
07. Mercyful Fate Medley [Mercyful Fate cover]
    1 - Satan's Fall
    2 - Curse Of The Pharaohs
    3 - A Corpse Without Soul
    4 - Into The Coven
    5 - Evil
    6 - Satan's Fall
08. Astronomy [Blue Öyster Cult cover]
09. Whiskey In The Jar [Thin Lizzy cover]
10. Tuesday's Gone [Lynyrd Skynyrd cover] [feat. Pepper, Jerry, Sean, "Big" Jim, John, Gary & Les]
11. The More I See [Discharge cover]

Disc II [Compilation]
01. Helpless [Diamond Head cover]
02. The Small Hours [Holocaust cover]
03. The Wait [Killing Joke cover]
04. Crash Course In Brain Surgery [Budgie cover]
05. Last Caress / Green Hell [The Misfits cover]
06. Am I Evil? [Diamond Head cover]
07. Blitzkrieg [Blitzkrieg cover]
08. Breadfan [Budgie cover]
09. The Prince [Diamond Head cover]
10. Stone Cold Crazy [Queen cover]
11. So What [Anti-Nowhere League cover]
12. Killing Time [Sweet Savage cover]
13. Overkill [Motörhead cover]
14. Damage Case [Motörhead cover]
15. Stone Dead Forever [Motörhead cover]
16. Too Late Too Late [Motörhead cover]

Metallica is known as the american legend of thrash metal, with sounds that came from the garage and made into onto the stage with 10.000's of fans watching, listening, screaming for more…

Disc 1: 'The Metallicats covering all your favourites', starting off with 'Free Speech For The Dumb' a real garage sounding thrash metal song, with lyrics that will get on your nerves from second two on, you may think at this point it can only get better and you will be proven right.
The next 10 songs are all high quality covers from noted bands such as Black Sabbath, Danzig, Thin Lizzy, Lynrd Skynrd and more, not very garage, but that makes disc 1 much more smpathetic for me. 'Turn The Page' and 'Whiskey In The Jar' were released as singles,
The latter I think is the best version ever released of this song, really good. But other songs that are well done are: 'It's Electric', Sabbra Cadabbra', 'Die, Die My Darling' and the very dark 'Loverman' originally released by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. As mentioned above, good productions all in the sound you would expect from Metallica (especially when know and like Load and Reload), besides song number one, nothing to complain, but it's of course not the end of the road for Metallica or better say the beginning of the road, as Metallica have done many more covers in the past which will be found on

Disc 2: showing the history of covers done by Metallica in non-chronological order dating back to the year 1984 an episode calling the 'Garage Days Revisited' furthermore the 'Garage Days Re-Revisited '87', 'B-Sides & One Offs '88-'91' and Motorheadache '95. The latter suggests already that this episode is all about covering Motörhead songs, the other episodes contain covers of Diamond Head, Queen and other bands. To finally verify the title 'Garage Inc. these covers are as stated in the booklet: 'Not very produced', 'Not produced' or Roughly produced'. In fact you're gonna have a listen to a garage thrash metal overkill (at least when it comes to the 13th song 'Overkill'). The Motörhead covers I do quite enjoy, beacause they sound like Motörhead themselves sound live and besides them 'Stone Cold Crazy' the others songs are mostly not my thing. 'Helpless' and 'Am I Evil' (cool solo) are ok, but many songs are too much punk-like or unspectecular. Not very worth, in my humble opinion, listening to disc number two. Which of course contributes to the lower rating.

All in all a 6.5, because of song number one on disc 1 and the rather unspectacular disc two. A must for the hardcore Metallica fans, but not too much for me. I easily get bored listening to disc two, mostly for the reason that listening to the songs the niveau of Hetfields voice does not change that very much, so you easily get the impression of listening to the same shit over and over again!

Reviewed by Iron Markus

Written by Pierre Tombale | 26.12.2003



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15.05.2007 - 04:03
Wow, no comments in over three years...

Quite a subjective review, but this is a fairly subjective album. Responses are mostly polarized, "I only like disc one" or "only disc two is good"; I easily prefer disc two but I think the first is good too. I can't stand the straight punk (Last Caress and So What) on D2 but I think the rest of it is excellent, with songs like The Small Hours, The Prince, Blitzkrieg and Breadfan. D1 has good stuff but to a lesser extent, and I also really hate things like Whiskey and Turn the Page... (...although 5 yrs after I posted this, I even like those songs a bit now)

If you look at the ratings but ignore the over- and under-rating extremists/fanatics you'll see the average is closer to 8, or at least 7.5.

People who don't mind a mix of clean heavy/rock with dirty thrash/punk will probably enjoy this the most. 8/10 for me (2013: 9/10 now)
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15.05.2007 - 23:03
I like both discs, they each show a different side of Metallica. There is only one song to which I really don't like listening and that's 'Tuesday's gone' (Actually the only song of Metallica I don't like)

I would rate this album a 8,5
25.05.2007 - 16:26
Erotic Stains
It's a weird album, half of the songs are amazing and the other half suck. It's not bad but not good at the same time.
The best CD is number 2 with songs awesome old school Metallica, CD 1 also has some favourites like Astronomy and Mercyful Fate.
01.07.2007 - 09:22
Noel Sonic
Account deleted
Just one word "disappointing"
02.07.2007 - 05:07
Bitch Boy
This album is quite boring. The production is ok but I think it's the least I like, just after "Shit Anger".
06.07.2007 - 01:11
Account deleted
i like disk1 and disk2
especially wiskey and its electric in D1 and last caress in D2...
however i like all songs in this album.
10.02.2008 - 23:45
I R Serious Cat
I like only a few songs in this album... obiously teh Diamond Head covers, and The Misfits', Sabbra Cadabra, Mercyful Fate is a Masterpiece... But it's still not as agood as one thinks it might be.
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18.04.2008 - 11:07
Account deleted
i think if they had covered one Irom Maiden song now they were first at the ratings! i give it a 10 cause of disc 1
20.04.2008 - 10:25
Account deleted
I think this album beats S&M, hands down. Sure, it's got a ton of filler crap but once that's out of the way there are at least 10 fucking awesome covers between CD1 and CD2. I had to give it a 6/10 on account of all lousy shit, but what's left after you skip all the lame tracks is pure gold.

This album is a lot of fun, and worth the admission. And like Warman, I especially like Astronomy and the Mercyful Fate medley. I really dig Turn the Page, too - but for God's sake don't tell anyone else! It's my dirty, little secret.

28.03.2009 - 09:30
There are some greatcovers here and some other realy boring. but this one generally is nice!
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01.06.2009 - 13:21
Liver Failure
Just the good covers already worth buying this album! Turn the page, Whiskey in the jar, Blitzkrieg and Overkill are excellent. Love this album.

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19.06.2009 - 10:44
These covers are great.Metallica did a great job,this one is one of my favorites.Astronomy rules!!!!!!!!!!!
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19.06.2009 - 11:57
6.5 is way too much for this album.
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19.06.2009 - 19:38
Written by Smurfophagist on 19.06.2009 at 11:57

6.5 is way too much for this album.

Will the ones who live after our end
Worship the goddamn cross again?
02.11.2009 - 12:27
Hermann Langke
Brahmastra Corps
Why ratings for a cover album?
31.07.2011 - 04:22
M C Vice
This has got 2 of my 3 faverite Metallica songs - Turn The Page and Tuesday's Gone.
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01.12.2011 - 00:22
Nice review, pretty accurate. LOL at 10.000s of fans
23.03.2016 - 18:41
Metal Ern
The classic covers on Disc 2 are great, and Disc 1 has some good stuff too, I had Garage Days Revisted back in the day and heard them a million times. Love the Misfits covers especially. A solid 8 for me.
02.01.2017 - 23:55
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
Written by Metal Ern on 23.03.2016 at 18:41

The classic covers on Disc 2 are great, and Disc 1 has some good stuff too, I had Garage Days Revisted back in the day and heard them a million times. Love the Misfits covers especially. A solid 8 for me.

disc is better more metal, disc 2 is more punk IMO, I prefer Cd 1
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