Deeds Of Flesh - Trading Pieces review


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Band: Deeds Of Flesh
Album: Trading Pieces
Release date: 1996

01. Carnivorous Ways
02. Born Then Torn Apart
03. Trading Pieces
04. Hunting Humans
05. Impious Offerings
06. Acid Troops
07. Deeds Of Flesh
08. Erected On Stakes
09. Chunks In The Shower
10. Blasted
11. Outro

I, myself am a big fan of Brutal Death Metal; I listen to everything from Suffocation to Deeds of Flesh to Decrepit Birth and the list goes on. I have seen many people have picked up Deeds of Flesh's music and have enjoyed it and they have gotten great responses at live shows (I saw them live also and they were absolutely awesome). A few months ago back in the summer, the singer in my old band ordered this CD for me, "Trading Pieces." It's their first album and I didn't know what to expect; I hadn't heard much from them at the time.

I turned on the album at first and it starts off to what sounds like someone cutting someone up; I liked the intro, it added a theme to the whole CD I believe. A few seconds after that the first song kicks in, the first time I heard it I liked it, and I thought it was good, but I thought a lot of it sounded the same and I didn't turn it on much after that.

A bit later on I turned it on, and realized how great this album really is, every song is enjoyable to listen to. Some are better then others obviously but it's one of those albums you can sit patiently and listen to every song and still enjoy the album greatly. The CD is mainly built of fast heavy riffs with fast drumming and brutal low pitched vocals.

I have heard by many people and read from many reviews that all the instruments are not balanced equally, like the guitar is too low and drums are too loud; on this one it's not. The production is really good actually; you can hear it clearly and drums are loud enough but not too loud. The vocals don't drown anything out and you can hear them really well, they balanced everything evenly. Also the playing on the album is awesome, they didn't make easy riffs, they are fast riffs and some of them are somewhat technical. I also checked out the tabs - not the easiest stuff to learn, it's quiet hard.

To talk about some track, one of the tracks that I personally consider one of my favorites is called "Acid Troops," it is based on how the wars of the US they would fly over with big tankers and drop tons and tons of acid over their enemies to get them high on acid and then go in and kill them, so for all you acid fans out there check the song out. "Impious Offerings" is also another one of my favorite tracks along with "Deeds of Flesh" and "Trading Pieces" these tracks are all heavy brutal fast songs that are great to sit and listen to.

This album is a Brutal Death Metal album masterpiece so check it out if you can or even buy it, the art work is also pretty cool, just a dead body laying down rotting away, and the back is sort of trippy it shows the guys in a background of like multicoloured swirls and such its quite neat.

If you enjoy this band check out: Severed Saviour, Decrepit Birth, Vile, Odious Mortem, Suffocation, Internal Bleeding.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Immortal Plague | 30.12.2006


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