Halford - Resurrection review


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Band: Halford
Album: Resurrection
Release date: August 2000

01. Resurrection
02. Made In Hell
03. Locked And Loaded
04. Night Fall
05. Silent Screams
06. The One You Love To Hate [feat. Bruce Dickinson]
07. Cyberworld
08. Slow Down
09. Hell's Last Survivor [remixed & remastered] [Japanese bonus]
10. Temptation
11. God, Bringer Of Death [remixed & remastered] [bonus]
12. Fetish [remixed & remastered] [bonus]
13. Sad Wings [remixed & remastered] [Japanese bonus]
14. Twist
15. Drive
16. Saviour

Woooooow, this is it, the incarnation of metal in the year 2000. All you wish for has become true this year. This is the album you should recognize. Too good to be true.

In fact, Resurrection beats everything there has been before, concerning Halford's works with Judas Priest and/or other metal albums of the year 2000. Halford's best work before this album might have been 'Painkiller', his last one with Judas Priest. Resurrection is back-to-the-roots-metal in the shape of the new millenium, better than anything Judas Priest has produced, as good as it gets you can say. A good point to underline this is that the album has no highlight due to the fact that it does not need one. All songs are close to perfect, a rush of creativity that has waited for long time, or at least I have waited for.
So much I have to tell about Halford: Back then I had no idea who he is/was and what he did before, until the 6th of November 2000, about 8 PM when the concert in Essen started, which should hit the annals as the Brave New Germany double concert of Iron Maiden and Halford. A night to remember, hence it follows that short time later I bought this album. I was so crazy about it that one and a half year later I should get me a copy of the japanese version via eBay, not to mention that this was quite an expensive buy! But it's worth every cent. If you are the lucky one to own the japanese album with the two bonus tracks you will of course know what I mean. At least you know when you listen to 'Live Insurrection' which also contains the two killing tracks 'Sad Wings Of Destiny' and 'Hell's Last Survivor', that are included on the japanese album as studio bonus tracks.
Regarding all of the albums I bought in 2000, and there were only three: Iron Maiden - Brave New World, Edguy - Mandrake and Resurrection, this is the best. Needless to say that the competitors are all masterpieces themselves. Some time later I should recognize that the whole year was a definite year of masterpieces to take 'Helloween's The Dark Ride', 'Concerto Moon's Rain Forest' and 'Rhapsody's Dawn Of Victory' as evidence for that, still ruled by the Priest himself: Rob Halford! Pure perfection especially regarding the ingenius duet of Rob Halford and Bruce Dickinson! on 'The One You Love To Hate'.

I can recommend it to anyone interested in Heavy Metal, those who liked 'Painkiller' and those who want to bang their heads to the sound of a living legend. Nothing more, nothing less. Unfortunately the successor 'Crucible' did not match the standards created on this album.

Written by Pierre Tombale | 29.10.2003



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17.11.2010 - 05:03
"Resurrection beats everything there has been before, concerning Halford's works with Judas Priest and/or other metal albums of the year 2000"

Is that a joke?
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30.01.2012 - 14:55
Valentin B
This is imo definitely the best album from the band Halford, and one of the best modern metal albums out there. I also think this is pretty much the best thing that Halford ever did since Painkiller, however I would not say that this is better than that album or Defenders of the Faith, etc.

Anyway, I think it must have been quite an epic comeback. After the whole Fight controversy and 2wo etc., opening with such a crushing and epic track as Resurrection is the perfect way to tell all the naysayers to go fuck themselves. As the guy himself puts it, "there is no bastard left to overcome".
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