Halford - Live Insurrection review


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Band: Halford
Album: Live Insurrection
Release date: March 2001

Disc I
01. Resurrection
02. Made In Hell
03. Into The Pit
04. Nailed To The Gun
05. Light Comes Out Of Black
06. Stained Class
07. Jawbreaker
08. Running Wild
09. Slow Down
10. The One You Love To Hate [feat. Bruce Dickinson]
11. Life In Black
12. Hell's Last Survivor
13. Sad Wings
14. Saviour
15. Silent Screams

Disc II
01. Cyberworld
02. The Hellion
03. Electric Eye
04. Riding On The Wind
05. Genocide
06. Beyond The Realms Of Death
07. Metal Gods
08. Breaking The Law
09. Tyrant
10. Screaming In The Dark
11. Heart Of A Lion
12. Prisoner Of Your Eyes
13. Blackout [The Scorpions cover] [Japanese bonus]

This Album should have been called 'The Live Best Of of Rob Halford', because it contains not only the Resurrection live material, but also some of the most famous Judas Priest Songs and songs Halford recorded with Fight and the two japan-only-bonus-tracks from Resurrection: Hell's Last Survivor and Sad Wings.

As most live albums are mixed from many performances throughout world tours, this one makes no exception, but you feel like being on a single concert listening to both cd's. Great production. The bands and Halfords' performance on all tracks is outstanding. By the way, the last three tracks on cd 2 are studio tracks, recorded in sessions during the world tour.
I gave this album a 9.0 because there are 5 songs I don't like, four of them are the 'Fight' songs and one is the first of the studio tracks, which to me is really awful. All other songs are great, though you don't get 27 songs as you might think reading the back-cover. The Intro on disc 2 is just a few seconds of a screaming audience.
I've been to one of the concert on this tour, in Essen. I can only say the sound on this album represents perfectly the bands performance. On 'Stained Class' Rob Halford salutes Essen, which always reminds me of the concert. Back to the topic: To me the Judas Priest songs sound even better than the originals, they are more powerful, especially 'Breaking The Law' which is originally a bit lame, but this live track is furious, just great! As mentioned above all songs are performed perfectly.
The Studio tracks, except 'Screaming In The Dark' are great too. Especially 'Heart Of A Lion', which is one of my favorite songs of all time. 'Prisoner Of Your Eyes' has been re-recorded by Halford, it is originally a Judas Priest track, which I think was only released later on the remastered cd's. But don't mind it's cool.

Compared to Crucible I definetely prefer the Resurrection songs including the bonus tracks on the japanese album and the studio tracks 2 and 3 on Live Insurrection, which were surely inspired by the Resurrection album and the following tour. Screaming In The Dark sounds indeed like it belongs already to the Crucible material, that's why I don't like this song. The whole atmosphere is different, too dark and disturbing, it does not fit on this album.
For these reasons the all in all the rating is 9.0. You get 113 minutes of music, approximately 93 minutes are great, 17 minutes are ok and the remaining are for the wicked!

Written by Pierre Tombale | 16.11.2003


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