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Band: Eisbrecher
Album: Antikörper
Release date: October 2006

01. Der Anfang
02. Adrenalin
03. Leider
04. Antikörper
05. Entlassen
06. Ohne Dich
07. Phosphor
08. Kein Mitleid
09. Kinder Der Nacht
10. Vergissmeinnicht
11. Freisturz
12. Wie Tief?
13. Das Ende
14. Eiskalt Erwischt [limited edition/US bonus]
+ Vergissmeinnicht [limited edition bonus]

"Antikörper" is not the first album of Eisbrecher, but I suppose that, like me, you will discover this band through this album. For sure, the fact that a label like AFM chose to do its distribution is a big step in the career of this German combo but this is also the musical style of the band that will attract a lot of new listeners. As an example I can tell you already that "Antikörper" is one of the best sale of the label in France for the end of the year, and do you know why? The answer is simple, this band is really similar to a monster... a monster that you know under the name of Rammstein.

As you can understand, Eisbrecher is a band which plays a mix of Indus/electro music and Metal. Like Rammstein, the band has lyrics in German and like Rammstein their music is a mix of electronic sounds, beats and Metal riffs with however a real difference in the fact that the music of Eisbrecher is darker and not so aggressive. At the end, "Antikörper" is an album a bit more "atmospheric" which flirts with Gothic spirit (I'm not saying that it's Gothic Metal!). The songs can be catchy however, it's not so slow and a track like "Der Anfang" doesn't lack of rhythm and catchiness for example but definitely it's darker than a "Du Riechst So Gut" for example. All in all, the songs of the release are not bad at all, we have good things here but unfortunately it's a bit too similar to Rammstein.

That's the problem of Eisbrecher, they're not bad at all and to be honest I even think that this album is clearly better than the last album of Rammstein, but even with its little differences it sound a bit like a rip-off of the famous German combo. I don't know if it comes from the vocals (probably if you're not German and don't understand it) but the mix of German vocals, Metal and electronic stuff was created by one band and in reason of its big originality it will always be hard for the others band to part away with this unique style.

With "Antikörper", Eisbrecher released a good album. The songs like the performance are nice and it's only this similarity with Rammstein which will be a problem for some of you. On the other hand, if you really like this kind of music, "Antikörper" is for you. Finally, it's obvious that Eisbrecher has a real big potential and if they are able to add some new things on their next album, for sure they could become a famous band of the German scene.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 21.12.2006



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21.12.2006 - 16:30
I know it's a rip-off of Rammstein, but that song Vergissmeinnicht is just so damn catchy! If it has me listening to the song 5 times in a row it definately deserves commendation
22.12.2006 - 06:04
Jeff, is this band seriously ripping off rammstein? if they are I'm really interested as I really like the aforementioned band a lot, now, you said this one is better than Rammstein's last effort, so if that's tru I got to hear them.
23.12.2006 - 08:36
It reminds me of the Swedish Indusmetal band Deathstars, at least the vocals have similarities...
25.12.2006 - 01:59
Account deleted
Wow, never knew some guys could listen to Eisbrecher here :O. One of the best industrial bands ive ever known. Great .

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