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Hauteville - Relief Data Incomplete review

Band: Hauteville
Album: Relief Data Incomplete
Release date: 2006

01. Monster (The Race)
02. From Adam To Atom
03. Pefectablism
04. Immaculate Eyes
05. Like Anybody Hellse
06. The Perfect Lens
07. Relief Data Incomplete
08. Jaywalker
09. Reflection
10. There Be Dragons

Hauteville is a new progressive combo made in France. This band mix, with a lot of talent, a lot of different influences, from Hard Rock and AOR to Pop and of course Prog Rock and Metal. Their first album, "Relief Data Incomplete" is a nice piece of music, a sweet and lovely album full of emotion and for sure it will please all the ones who like the new era of bands like The Gathering or Madder Mortem.

We cannot strictely compare The Gathering (new version) and Hauteville but we have some similarities between the two bands. First, we have a great female singer in Hauteville too. With her lovely charming voice, Lydie Gosselin is the perfect singer for the music of Hauteville, and she is good because her voice is tender and hot, and fits perfectly to the Pop music aspect (2nd similarities with The Gathering for me) that we can find on "Relief Data Incomplete". As you can understand "Relief Data Incomplete" is maybe progressive with some deep lines of Keyboards and some good complex guitars soli but all in all, this album sounds a bit more like a Pop Rock or AOR release than a Metal one. It's definitely not a bad point but you just have to know that it's not a powerful and heavy album. Even if it doesn't lack of rhythm, "Relief Data Incomplete" is a soft album of Prog Pop and yes if you liked an album like "Home", I think that you should like this one too.

The production of "Relief Data Incomplete" is really good the performances of the musicians are extremely convincing and you must know that you even have a guest appearance of Patrick Rondat on the CD. However even if we have a lot of great points, I also regret that sometime the music lacks a bit of magical moments and energy. The songs are good it's great to listen to them, but it's not so surprising too. But I think that it's just a matter of experience and I'm sure, if the band take some risks, that it should become a lot more surprising.

"Relief Data Incomplete" is a good surprise and I like the Pop and Jazzy aspect that we can find on the album. All is not perfect but for a first album, this is really convincing and different than a lot of bands with female singer. Recommended to all the fans who like bands like Madder Mortem. Just don't forget that it's a bit more progressive which doesn't mean that it is worst, at the opposite. A good first album no doubt.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 30.12.2006


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