The Crown - Crowned In Terror review


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Band: The Crown
Album: Crowned In Terror
Release date: 2002

01. House Of Hades
02. Crowned In Terror
03. Under The Whip
04. Drugged Unholy
05. World Below
06. The Speed Of Darkness
07. Out For Blood
08. (I Am) Hell
09. Death Is The Hunter
10. Satanist
11. Death Metal Holocaust

I remember when I got this album I wasn't yet into death metal, and I hardly could listen to it entirely, because it is so violent. Today, I got used to that kind of stuff, but I am still amazed by the utter brutality of Crowned In Terror. It is definitely one of the most violent albums I have ever heard.

Crowned In Terror is a transition album for The Crown. It is their first and only album without Johan Lindstrand. Instead, Tomas Lindberg, the guy who played in so many bands that I lost the count, provides us with his inhuman shrieks. And the music seems to have been written just for him, I mean I can't imagine Lindstrand singing these songs, Lindberg's voice was the best choice possible at the moment. He seems to appreciate the powers vested in hil by the band, as he screams hysterically without rest during approximately 40 minutes.

But let's get back to the music itself. Compared to their previous albums, Crowned In Terror has the cleanest sound. Despite the excellent production, it manages to be rawer, more violent, more catchy and yet more melodic than the rest. In fact, it is more death metal than thrash for once. After the macabre symphonic introduction 'House Of Hades', 'Crowned In Terror' [the song] blasts all forms of life on earth thanks to an atomic drum playing [Janne Saarenpää kicks ass all along] and a purely death metal riff. But even if excellent, this song does not represent the album on the whole. Another good point here: Crowned In Terror is never boring or brainwashing. It is a varied album, full of good ideas in each song. Example: our Swedish dudes go happily from the catchy yet brutal 'Drugged Unholy' to the thrashy 'World Below', then from the groovy 'The Speed Of Darkness' to the deathcore 'Death Metal Holocaust' [with special guest appearance of Johan Lindstrand] and the punkish 'Satanist'. 'Death Is The Hunter' really reminds of their previous productions, while some songs have a feeling At The Gates-esque [the influence of Tomas Lindberg?] that brings a welcomed melodic side to this outburst of uncontrolled violence.

Actually, except for the cliché satanic lyrics, I still can't find any flaws in this album, it is simply one of the best in the style.

Highlights: Crowned in Terror, Drugged Unholy, World Below

Written by Deadsoulman | 21.02.2004



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15.10.2009 - 20:23
I prefer Lindstrand over Lindberg in The Crown, so I easily go for "Crowned Unholy" (same album with Lindstrand on vox). Lindberg's voice was a bit annoying here, imo.

Also I think this album was overall a lot more boring than it's predecessor "Deathrace King"
25.08.2010 - 01:00
Gamia I have to disagree with you on that one. Lindstrand to be sounds very typical for death metal or thrash or hardcore vocals. Lindberg has so much attack it's not even funny. He is way faster and sounds way more vicious. When they redid it I felt the album was boring and kind of an insult to Lindberg,who is one of the best metal vocalist of an era. But that is just opinion. To me this is an incredible album but the only one worth mentioning in the entire "The Crown" catalogue.
"Once your gone, you can't go back.When your out of the blue and into the black."

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