Amon Amarth - Once Sent From The Golden Hall
26 January 1998

Disc I
01. Ride For Vengeance
02. The Dragons' Flight Across The Waves
03. Without Fear
04. Victorious March
05. Friends Of The Suncross
06. Abandoned
07. Amon Amarth
08. Once Sent From The Golden Hall
09. Siegreicher Marsch [Victorious March German version] [2009 re-issue bonus]

Disc II [Strictly Limited "Pop-up" Edition Re-issue bonus]
[Live at Bloodshed Over Bochum, 28.12.2008]
01. Ride For Vengeance
02. The Dragons' Flight Across The Waves
03. Without Fear
04. Victorious March
05. Friends Of The Suncross
06. Abandoned
07. Amon Amarth
08. Once Sent From The Golden Hall

If anyone wants to listen to an album with catchy melodies and aggressive sound, Amon Amarth's "Once Sent From The Golden Hall" would be a very appropriate choice. Released in the year 1998, this is a perfect example of an album which represents the fusion of melody, aggression and speed ("speed" here refers to the fast guitars).

The opening track, "Ride For Vengeance," will have quite a good impression on the listener and will certainly get him in the mood to listen to the entire album. This song is followed by other songs which keep up the album's pace of the delivery of melodic riffs, solos and aggression. The vocals is the factor that makes the songs sound so aggressive, and, at times, brutal. I really appreciate Hegg's effort on the vocals, which, in my opinion, can energize and refresh the listener.

The guitars and drums are the main focus of this album. The songs are characterized by fast and melodic rhythms and riffs (except at certain slow parts, which appear timely). No clean guitars have been used throughout. One must listen to every solo carefully. The drums have increased the greatness of the album; although there are no blast beats the way the snare, cymbals, and bass drums are played in well-coordinated manner really suit the songs.

The song "Amon Amarth" is a slower one; nevertheless, it is very impressive. The songs here have life in them. You will understand what I mean better if you listen to songs like "Ride For Vengeance" and "Without Fear " in which one can imagine someone who is aggressively seeking vengeance or a wounded soldier whose voice reflects agony and pride at the same time when he listens to the vocals and the music.
All songs are "must-be-listened-to" in this album. This album will certainly be remembered as a great masterpiece album in melodic death metal genre, and anyone who hasn't listened to this album yet is indeed missing something great.

Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Production: 8

Band profile: Amon Amarth
Album: Once Sent From The Golden Hall


written by Paganblood | 13.01.2007

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Katatronik - 13.01.2007 at 19:47  
Maybe the rating is too high, I would give it an 8.5 anyway cause this is an amazing exordium album! And Victorious March is a masterpiece song!
Good review man!
spirit_inblack - 13.01.2007 at 20:07  
I would have a lower rating, but it's your review, so it's your opinion. This is Amon Amarth's second best album in my opinion and it features my favorite Amon Amarth song, Victorious March. Great review!
Talvi - 14.01.2007 at 02:11  
Great album, absurd rating. But even though, it's nice
Paganblood - 14.01.2007 at 07:07  
Whenever I listen a song from this album, I feel like listening to the whole album; I'm that impressed; so I rated it 10.
Paganblood - 04.03.2007 at 05:27  
well, the ratings have been adjusted now.
Uirapuru - 02.04.2008 at 01:49  
That's one of the best Amon Amarth albums, it make history in my mind. Perfect riff changes during the songs, specially Without Fear, Abandoned and the perfect Amon Amarth (which has a beautiful battlefield interlude).
Great album, exellent begin for the swedishs.
Deadmeat - 20.10.2008 at 15:39  
If that album had a better production it whould be equall to Versus The World... (Second better after With Oden On Our Side)..
Powerslavex - 27.11.2008 at 14:38  
Amon Amarth's first Album, great stuff i love it the song Amon Amarth is my favourite out the album
JeffreyAgente - 17.04.2011 at 19:39  
I need to listen this album more, because i like the songs, but they are... sometimes... boring... Well, WOOOS is a masterpiece!
Bad English - 29.11.2015 at 13:31  
Great album, my mistake was I did not knew band before 2005 when I saw video , cant remember now, it was in building, and Hegg gad no t shirt lol
I am happy I belong to I net generation, otherwise I would not know this one. Great band

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