Orchid's Curse - Goodbye Is When The Casket Closes review


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Band: Orchid's Curse
Album: Goodbye Is When The Casket Closes
Release date: 2006

01. Obsession
02. Secure The Insecure
03. Mark This Day
04. Goodbye Is When The Casket Closes...
05. Behind The Skin
06. Suckerpunch
07. Style Bleeds

Yeah well, hardcore is a genre that keeps throwing a lot of bands in the table, 80% of those bands are just ridiculously bad actually, 18% is simply the average group and the rest are quite good bands. The Orchid's Curse belongs in that 18% actually; their music is not groundbreaking nor crushing, it's neither extremely bad nor sucky and they actually drop a couple of good ideas in this their debut album.

That's a good thing actually, this being a debut album I was waiting for an atrocious disappointment, but I received a nice surprise instead. The band has great musical sense, the first half of the album keeps you involved and it never gets boring due to the super-catchy riffs, groovy breakdowns and rhythmic beats; the album reaches its peak in the fourth track ("Goodbye Is When The Casket Closes") an aggressive cut filled with crazy riffing, cheesy lyrics, crazy changes and a very catchy chorus, this song is a great example of the band's abilities, an amazing song indeedůsadly everything dies before this tune, the idea of an MCD keeps haunting my mind while I hear the rest of the album, "damn if only these guys would have stopped in the fourth track", but I guess life's a bitch and albums can't be perfect all the time, too bad.

So anyway, the band has interesting and fresh ideas, they accomplish half of them in this album, but at least they tried right? I can't really recommend you to buy this piece, but I think the followers of this genre must pay attention to The Orchid's Curse future, who knows, they might release something great soon.

Best Tracks: "Goodbye Is When The Casket Closes"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 7

Written by Herzebeth | 14.01.2007



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15.01.2007 - 20:08
broken goddess
Meh I don't really like this album
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