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Band: Kingcrow
Album: Timetropia
Release date: September 2006

01. A Perfect Life
02. Fading Out Part I
03. Out Of The Darkness
04. Realusion
05. Between Now And Forever
06. Fractured
07. Home
08. A Merry-Go-Round (Chemical Ecstasy)
09. Fragile Certainties
10. A Hitch-Hiker
11. Turn Of Events In A Drawer
12. Fading Out Part II

I remember that I had the luck to write the review of the previous album of this Progressive combo back in 2004. "Insider" was a good release and I was curious to see if the band was to confirm all my hopes. I will let you know the answer right now, yes, "Timetropia" the new album of Kingcrow is a confirmation. Full of beautiful Progressive Rock songs, this new concept album will please all the fans of "cool" and soft Prog. If you're more into melody then heaviness, "Timetropia" is for you…

As always with Kingcrow, "Timetropia" is a concept album. But this time, the band talks about a Rock Opera, which is not so wrong when you see that on this release we're more into Progressive Rock than Metal. The first name which comes to my mind when I listened to the album for the first time was Marillion and especially their outstanding album "Misplaced Childhood". "Timetropia" is a bit in the same vein than this release, with classy melodies, sweet and tender vocals and real hits (just listen to "A Perfect Life" or "Out Of The Darkness" and you'll understand what I mean). Of course Kingcrow can be a bit more Metal sometime, and a song like "Fading Out Part I" with its big riff and saturated solo is not so "Rock" but nonetheless "Timetropia" is cooler than the precedent release.

The production is ok, but the sound is a bit weak sometime unfortunately and it can be a bit hard to hear perfectly all the instruments. Don't worry however, it's not horrible, but just could be better. The artworks and the digipack are well done and the concept behind the lyrics is one more time really good. "Timetropia" is maybe a really soft album, but it's a good album of Progressive Rock, no doubt.

Kingcrow just confirms that they're a real good band which is able to play and write good Progressive music. If you like Spock's Beard or Marillion, I really recommend you to check this Italian band and all their releases. "Timetropia"? Well, this is good Prog and that's all…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 30.01.2007



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01.02.2007 - 13:06
I think I've heard some tracks of Kingcrow months ago (was it a year ago?) and I remember having been pleased, so I'll have to check this album sooner or later
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