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Band: Thaurorod
Album: Tales Of The End
Release date: May 2006

01. Tormented No More
02. Tales Of The End
03. Elämän Tuli

Power metal
Self-produced, 2006
Running time: 15:08

A 3 song demo usually ain't the best to judge about the quality of a given band. Yet, it is sometimes enough to say whether a band has a bright future ahead or not. That's the case with this demo, entitled Tales Of The End, by Thaurorod - which belongs to those bands with a bright future ahead!

If I'm saying that, it's because the band clearly achieved to come up with a style of theirs, this "unique touch" many bands are (too often) lacking. Sure, Thaurorod's music is no revolution but it's got a mighty weapon that allows the band to stand out: the voice. Vladimir Lumi doesn't sing very high (unlike other Finnish power metal singers) but he does it with power and might. I have no problem imagining he's from the Viking land. Along with the rhythm of the music and the segmented diction of the lyrics, this voice adds a new dimension to the melodic power metal basis of the band.
Even though the 3 songs of the demo sounded a bit similar when I listened to them first, I came to realize they were actually pretty different (especially Elämän Tuli, sang in Finnish and slightly reminding me of what we call "Suomi metal" here in Metal Storm) and contained many different passages were you can clearly hear the talent of all the musicians. They really know how to merge melodic and rhythm moments to make the best out of the songs.

And I haven't told you about the great production, not only regarding the sound but also the artwork and even the CD design (the back is black, just like the CDs for a certain game system, if you know what I mean). This clearly gives more credit to the band and it makes this demo a recommended purchase. Do yourself a favor

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by wrathchild | 02.02.2007



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03.02.2007 - 18:58
Wow great another power metal band. Good to know more of these bands .

Their music is great and also the cd cover layout.
i don't know what is true or not but the better a cd layout ( in power metal field) is the more are the songs
"For what point has this life if you can't realise your dreams?" -- The Divine Comedy
04.02.2007 - 16:13
I saw Thaurorod in a band competition in Finland couple years ago.

...they won
This one goes to 11

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