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Band: Sinister
Album: Prophecies Denied
Release date: 2007

01. Intro 1
02. Bleeding Towards The Wendigo
03. Epoch Of Denial
04. The Grey Massacre
05. Sadistic Intent
06. Into The Forgotten
07. Men Down
08. Barbaric Order
09. Intro 2
10. Enslave The Weak
11. Altruistic Suicide
12. Afterburner
13. Intro 3
14. Cross The Styx
15. To Mega Therion

Sinister is one of the cult Death Metal bands from the Netherlands. Active since 1986 (with however only a first official album only released in 1992) and with three really good albums (their three first ones actually) this band is considered by a lot of people like one of the monsters of the Death Metal scene. However, their last releases were not so nicely inspired and the release of their first DVD suffer of some lack of identity on some passages.

"Prophecies Denied" was recorded in Poland (as always with Metal Mind) the same day than the show of Grave, Catamenia and Obituary which were all recorded to release a DVD too. Of course if you like Sinister, you'll like this DVD, but you have to know that their Death Metal is extremely dark, near to be brutal and sometime (it's my opinion of course) a bit weak and boring, especially with the new songs. The old ones like "Cross The Styx" or "To Mega Therion" are, at the opposite, real Death Metal killers. So be aware that the performance of Sinister isn't the catchiest one ever, even if I cannot say that it's bad too. It's just, well yes weak sometime…

This is a Metal Mind DVD (it will become a trademark soon I'm sure lol) so it's not the deepest DVD ever, however "Prophecies Denied" is probably one of the most complete DVD of the label. With the show of course, a documentary of twenty minutes (which is more like some home studio videos than anything else) a lot of songs taken to some bootlegs an interview and the traditional pictures, biography and etc. It's a lot more complete than their other last DVDs and one more time of course the technical means to record the DVD were extremely good (this is the same ones than the ones of Catamenia, Obituary and Grave which were all recorded the same day at the same venue). It's maybe not perfect but at least we have some bonus here.

For the fans of Sinister, "Prophecies Denied" is a must, without any doubt. Even if the band changed a lot of line up and even if sometime I think that their live performance miss a bit of energy, it's however a good show. Some passages are a bit weak maybe but all in all, it's a good DVD.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 08.02.2007



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