Inhumate - Life review

Band: Inhumate
Album: Life
Release date: 2004

01. No Answer
02. A Trip
03. Blasted (History Of A Dive)
04. Destiny?
05. Labyrinth
06. I Want To Kill Some... (Part 4)
07. Sickness Is The Law
08. Sons Of Earth
09. The Fight
10. For Lust
11. N.D.S.
12. The Scorpion
13. Thank You
14. Rage
15. One Day
16. Life?

Inhumate might not come with bells and trumpets to your head right now, but soon they will I'm sure. This underground act from France recently released a DVD called "At War With Inhumate" and it's already one of the headliners for this year's "Obscene Extreme Fest". Right now I'm holding in my hands their most recent record they released, it's called "Life" and it's one of the most brutal and aggressive Grindcore releases coming from the French community.

The band obviously plays Grindcore, but the way they do it it's what truly matters. This is raw and powerful to the core Grind with the most irregular structures I've heard in a while. This guys have a really interesting musical scheme, their patterns come as complex as you can get, it goes from super-catchy riffs to ultra-fast beats, it's one hell of a timing orgy in this album to say the least, not to mention Inhumate has really outstanding intros for each song (not the classic "clack" "clack" checking that's for sure)

"Life" becomes even bizarre at times; the vocalist has a very interesting vocal-tone, he creates an incredibly grotesque set of vocalizations that makes his voice sound like another instrument, that's hellish believe me. Also the drummer blasted his way into oddity, he creates the usual blast-beats as any other Grinding Drummer out there, but he throws some Thrash Metal beats to make you head-bang like a freak. Anyways, in fewer words, this album is outstanding musically.

Maybe bands like Cephalic Carnage, Circle Of Dead Children, Dripping, Pig Destroyer etc. Earned their way to total praising for their musical abilities, Inhumate might not be the most complex most preposterous and original grinding act out there, but surely they're brutal, and surely they'll melt your brain and turn it into a grayish paste coming out of your ears…you won't need more when looking for a Brutal Grindcore band right?

Today's Grinders must own this album; yes it's as simple as that, this is some serious violent and sickening assault of French Grindcore with a top-notch quality. I even learned what kids in the South of France do to "Scorpions" so that must mean something. Anyways, if I did not encourage you yet, the enhanced features will, the videos and pictures are amazing, you'll see how fucked up and utterly crazy the vocalist is…and I mean seriously fucking mad like Gérard Depardieu in that old movie.

Best Tracks "Scorpion", "Life (includes at least 3 live songs)", "No Answer"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 7

Written by Herzebeth | 23.02.2007



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25.02.2007 - 07:06
Thanks for the recommendation Herz, this album is actually pretty fucking good. They actually remind me of Inhume a little, maybe just because their name is similar. Anyways, the riffage is good and the music is fucking fast. I might have to pick this one up sometime....

hmm...let's say that this is more br00tal than fucking a midget's belly button.

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