Myrkskog - Superior Massacre review


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Band: Myrkskog
Album: Superior Massacre
Release date: 2002

01. Intro
02. Domain Of The Superior
03. Detain The Skin
04. Trapped In Torment
05. Indisposable Deaths
06. Over The Gore
07. Blood Ejaculation
08. Utter Human Murder
09. Bleeding Wrist
10. Outro

Believe if or not, the deathmachine known as Myrkskog started in 1993. It took seven years for them to release their first studio album and then two years after that comes this monster of an album "Superior Massacre".
Myrkskog features Destructhor and Secthdamon both also members of Zyklon. What the difference here is though, is Secthdamon (who also plays bass for Emperor live) is sat comfortably behind the mammoth drum kit - and what a difference this makes!

The album kicks off with a short and pointless introduction track, but soon kicks in to the meat of the album. The drumming is utterly inhuman and stays that way pretty much the whole way through the album, it is impossible to not crack a smile whenever you hear its power.

The album is produced very well, you can hear the low-pitched growling as clear as you would ever want to and the drums sound so precise like pistons firing at unbelievable speeds.
As the album progresses it just seems to pick up more and more speed, "Over The Gore" onwards especially - but the whole album in general is some of the fastest, most extreme and brutal death metal I have heard.
When you have heard this you will no longer have any use for your Zyklon albums - this is similar material but just better in every way.

The album closes with another pointless track, an outro with a length of nearly a minute and a half, but all in all this is some people's idea of death metal heaven (oxymoron, I know) if you love intense and breakneck speed metal.
The only query I have with this album - like many other extreme metal albums, is its length. Thirty-one minutes of death metal on one album is a bit short, but when it is of this quality it is that bit harder to complain.

Recommended for all death metal fans!

Rating breakdown
Performance: 10
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9


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25.02.2007 - 00:14
It's a fine music this band makes, it is....I've only heard four songs of them but now I'm definitely interested in getting the whole album....
Go ahead, make my day...
25.02.2007 - 01:10
This album is really good, but I noticed a lot of the songs start pretty awkward. Other than that, this cd is fucken great and is right up there with anything Zyklon has ever done....probably even better. Secthdamon has some of the fastest footwork I've ever heard, and like Baz said, really makes them stand out. I actually haven't listened to it in a while....probably should put it in someday...
25.02.2007 - 01:33
Baz Anderson
yes indeed.. thank you for your comments

indeed - Myrkskog do seem to be more capable of ending songs on a massive explosive high then starting songs.. but that isnt really a big problem as the songs soon get into their stride..
the start of 'Blood Ejaculation' is really good.. its just after the little introduction bit to the track it takes a little bit to get into a good rythm again
09.06.2008 - 01:43
Account deleted
Agree on many points...1) Who needs Zyklon when you can have Myrkskog? 2) This is probably the most brutal death metal album (well, this album, and Deathmachine) I've ever heard...and what kicks so much ass about it is that it still manages to be quite melodic! Most brutal death metal bands are just brutal...and boring. 3) And yes...the fucking fucking orgasmic! FUCK! 10/10.

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