Einherjer - Odin Owns Ye All

01. Leve Vikingeaanden
02. Out Of Ginnungagap
03. Clash Of The Elder
04. Odin Owns Ye All
05. Remember Tokk
06. Home
07. The Pathfinder & The Prophetess
08. Inferno
09. A New Earth

With power and might Einherjer climbs up to the peaks of Viking Metal, accompanied by uplifting powerchords and mighty lyrics. No-one can reach them, but they want to reach even further - with vigorous viking voices they glorify the Northern Gods and laugh at everything lower.

What can I say? Such upholding and encouraging songs are rather rare these days. This album is full of powerful emotions and high mood, that is brought to one with folkish lyrics and sound, that is as strong as the storms in Jötunheim. The way the lyrics and the mood is presented to the listener is just fantastic - often it feels like a big horde of Northmen is just having fun around a fire and singing with ale in their hands (especially such invigorate songs like 'Clash of the Elder' and 'Home'). As one might feel the similarity of flow in each track, that is no unpleasant fact about this album, for it has it's own goods. The album continues with a small rise of power from the start to the very end. It's like an avalanche, that gains power with time and runs over everything on it's way. The power of the heavy sound can be felt realy good in the namesong of the album - 'Odin Owns Ye All' - and also in the peak of the album - 'Inferno' - that takes one to the end of the avalanche or to the final fight between the mightiest of all. But as an avalanche finally has to calm and stop so is it with this album. And they have chosen the perfect track to represent the end for a powerful flow - 'A New Earth' - starting peacefully, just like everything is awakening from the avalanche, or like the Northern Gods have ran over everything and life slowly starts again.

Yes. Einherjer glorifies the Northern Gods with their viking voices and runs on battlefields with them - to reach the Valhalla of Metal. And now.. they've done it. This album is one that proves their rank as Vikings of Metal. This album is one that shows true power. This album is one that secured them a high place in Valhalla of Metal.

Band profile: Einherjer
Album: Odin Owns Ye All


written by manic | 02.03.2004

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