Dark Lunacy - Devoid review


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Band: Dark Lunacy
Album: Devoid
Release date: 2000

01. Dolls
02. Stalingrad
03. Forlorn
04. Frozen Memory
05. Cold Embrace
06. December
07. Devoid
08. Varen'ka
09. Time For Decay
10. Fall
11. Take My Cry

Nowadays , in the metal scene, hearing elements such as violins, choirs and females voices, are very usual in many gothic bands (and some black metal bands), but, what will you think of a band that uses this "Gothic" elements combined with death metal? Ladies and gentleman, here's Dark Lunacy!

Yes, you heard me well! (or ..read me.. well, nevermind), Dark Lunacy is a Symphonic death metal band hailing from Parma, Italy. The kind of music that we're dealing here is Death Metal in the vein of early releases of Therion and some At the gates too, gracefully followed by a string quartet and a three-section mixed choir, or as they label themselves, "Dramatic Death Metal".

The album starts with some beautiful violins, then the guitars follow the violin line, and after a while, a killer riff kicks in, followed by a powerful growl (very well executed I must say), this is "Dolls", what a great opener!! Everything falls right into place, killer riffs, tempo changes, Mike's growls, and the atmospheric touch of the strings, a really great song!

But we are just warming up here! Next in line is "Stalingrad", this ones starts with a powerful riff, and the violins don't appear until the end of first minute, I forgot to mention that Dark Lunacy uses Russian Folklore inspiration in many songs, and this one is no exception, based on the story of an old Russian soldier who lived at the siege time, Dark Lunacy really success in transmitting the feelings of agony that the soldier experimented at the time…

But if you want REAL Russian folklore, just listen to track 3, "Forlorn" featuring an accordion and a Russian chorus, that makes you feel that you're standing in the Red Square, in Moscow! This is one of my favorite tracks!

The next one "Frozen Memory" uses a female chorus that blendes perfect with the music, the good thing about the chorus is that the band don't abuse this option, it only appears in some songs.

I can't believe it! Next is, "Cold Embrace" another song, another Killer! Starts with the string quartet going at full-strength, then an acoustic guitar enters the scene, a female voice, the guitars, the growls, wow! This is just too much for me, this is Awesome!

I can't go describing every marvelous track, (I could, but I won't ), instead I just going to tell you that you need to get this Cd right away! Every song is great! If you like, great and ever-changing riffs, Great drumming (Those tempo changes blow me away), Violins, Choirs, this one is for you. The great thing About dark Lunacy is that it will appeal to people that don't like death metal at all, because the mix is so diverse ! and I have proofs! I listened this one with a friend that mostly listens hard rock and cheesy stuff, and he was really impressed, this was the ultimate test that this album kicks ass!

Written by Undercraft | 03.10.2003



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05.09.2010 - 08:15
Great review and great summary of the album. I agree for the most part, but will say about an 8.5 rating. "Dramatic Death Metal" is a good desricption of the album and the band.
06.09.2010 - 19:56
A 9.5 is a little too good I think, a 9 would be more suitable in my opinion.

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