Pagan's Mind - Enigmatic : Calling review


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Band: Pagan's Mind
Album: Enigmatic : Calling
Release date: May 2005

01. The Celestine Prophecy
02. Enigmatic Mission
03. Supremacy, Our Kind
04. Entrance To Infinity
05. Coming Home
06. Celestial Calling
07. Taken
08. Resurrection Back In Time
09. Appearance
10. Search For Life
11. New World Order

Pagan's Mind is a quite unknown band and therefore Enigmatic Calling is an unknown album to the average Metal-enthusiast. If you, like me, have a big interest in Progressive Metal, you've probably come across Pagan's Mind and if you have you'll probably agree with me that this band won't stay unknown in the world of Metal for too long. Why? Because their latest studio release so far, 2005's Enigmatic Calling, is a really good album.

For those who have never heard Pagan's Mind they play a heavy kind of Power/Progressive Metal with a lot of fantasy elements mostly focusing on space and the unknown. I guess you can call them a part of the "New Wave of Norwegian Progressive Metal" if you're into labelling bands. They've done well in developing their own style and I won't compare them to any of the prog metal giants because besides sharing the same genre they haven't really got much in common.

The band really has exceeded their previous releases in terms of song writing and they aren't using vocal distortion quite as much which is a positive thing because vocalist Nils K. Rue has got a great voice. Other than some awesome vocals you can also expect technical and tight drumming. Another thing that stands out is the guitar riffs and the great soloing from J.V. Lofstad, the song 'Enigmatic Mission' is a great example of both. To sum up you can expect technical and melodic playing from the whole band.

Production-wise Enigmatic Calling leaves little more to wish for but I'm sure they could've made it a bit clearer without it becoming rigid. Because this is an album review I feel I have to comment on how the album's been structured. Because if you're listening to the whole album all-through, which most people do at least once, it effects the overall impression of the album. On Enigmatic Calling they put four of the album's strongest songs right in the beginning and the later part of the album might feel a lot weaker after the first spin. I can guarantee that the whole album will grow on you and the closer, 'New World Order' will make you want to listen to the whole thing over again.

After this release the band deserve a bigger audience and although they have their own style their music should appeal to fans of Circus Maximus, Symphony X and bands similar to those. Catchy and technical with a lot of cool hooks and riffs - what's not to like?

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

Written by Storchillarn | 26.04.2007


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02.12.2007 - 05:27
Dark Cornatus
Too high a rating imo, this album was weak compared to Celestial Entrance, nowhere near as catchy. But its your opinion. Id rate it about 6/10
05.04.2008 - 00:50
I actually like this one better than Celestial Entrance. I even like Infinity Divine better than Celestial Entrance. They are all three very good, though, so it's a bit vain to discuss their order.
The newest one falls short, though.
24.01.2011 - 13:10
Love this band so am looking forward to hearing this later. It's gonna have to be brilliant to be better than Celestial Entrance though....
Evil? I am not Malevolent, I simply am!
Apocalypse, X-Men
13.08.2011 - 16:52
Mountain King
K i K o
Written by Dark Cornatus on 02.12.2007 at 05:27

Too high a rating imo, this album was weak compared to Celestial Entrance, nowhere near as catchy. But its your opinion. Id rate it about 6/10

I would really agree with you. i wouldn't give this one more than a 7.5
13.08.2011 - 17:26
I'd say this one is just slightly better than Celestial. The rating for the review is spot on for me.

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