Crystalic - Watch Us Deteriorate review


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Band: Crystalic
Album: Watch Us Deteriorate
Release date: 2007

01. Blackened Image
02. Severe Punishment
03. Defiance Of Supremacy
04. Faith Redefined
05. Host Machine
06. Dead Cold Emotion
07. Soulstabbed
08. Worlds Collide
09. Existence Terminated

Crystalic comes from Finland and was formed in 1998 by the guitarist Toni Tieaho. Unfortunately, and in reason of some line-up changes, the band didn't have the chance to release their album before 2007. Finally "Watch Us Deteriorate" is out through the French label Thundering Records and well, if I will not talk about a genius album, I have to admit that we're in front of a nice first album.

The band pretends that they play Progressive Melodic Death Metal but it's not so easy to find a lot of real progressive touches in "Watch Us Deteriorate" and I think that technical Melodic Death Metal could be a better name. Like with a lot of other bands from Finland, Crystalic plays "melodic" Metal but evidently here, we're not in front of a new Sonata Arctica. Crystalic plays Death Metal which is not so far away of the Gothenburg scene (a bit like in Flames with their first albums) with the principal difference that the songs are technical and complex and that the guitarists play some outstanding guitars soli. Too bad that the band didn't try to do something a bit more "Prog" because I think that it can be a good way to be "different" nowadays and at the opposite "Watch Us Deteriorate" sounds a bit more like a classic Melodic Death album.

The main problem of "Watch Us Deteriorate" comes from the fact that the band didn't take a lot of risks with this release. It's well done, we have some good songs that's right, but we don't have anything special too. The album is all but not unpleasant but I would like to see a lot more in this kind of releases. If Crystalic really wants to find success and become an important Metal act, they will have to add something else to their next album. However, don't believe that "Watch Us Deteriorate" is a bad album, especially for a first one. The performance of the musicians is more than promising, the production is good well, it's just a matter of time I think. With some time and experience the second album of the combo should be something.

If you like Melodic Death Metal and want good musicianship abilities, have a look on "Watch Us Deteriorate". The first album of the Finnish combo is not perfect but it's already promising for the career of the band. The guys of Crystalic just have to prove now that they're able to confirm these hopes with their next album and maybe that they will become an important band of the scene.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 24.04.2007



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24.04.2007 - 20:40
Metal Maiden
Nice review Jeff!I absolutely adore this piece of music!!!I agree the prog elements are hard to find, but i would definately not classify Crystalic as Gothenburg!Technical Melodic Death - yes, but not Gothenburg!Call me crazy, but in my opinion the vocals are much like John Tardy's...and the solos are magnificent!!!
As Jeff said (wrote), Watch Us Deteriorate is not flawless, but is VERY, VERY promising...
Oh, and one more thing - "Severe Punishment" kicks ass!!!
25.04.2007 - 04:33
Southern Wind
Account deleted
I didn't like the review... as a constructive criticism, I have to say that it is mainly empty speech, using, for example, the whole second paragraph (about 1/3 of the review) to say just that the band plays melodic death metal, and in the third the only thing you talk about is like in the vein of "this is not bad but could be better, this doesn't suck but it isn't good, it could be worse but I expect more"... sometimes as reader I would like to know the "why"... you could had written just "unoriginal but well played melodic death metal" and it would had been the same.

I don't like to look pedant, I'm also a reviewer and from time to time I receive harsh and well-deserved criticism, but maybe for the same reason I think that we all should tell when a review isn't that good, at least that's part of the message board.

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