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Band: Lake Of Tears
Album: Greater Art
Release date: September 1994

01. Under The Crescent
02. Eyes Of The Sky
03. Upon The Highest Mountain
04. As Daylight Yields
05. Greater Art
06. Evil Inside
07. Netherworld
08. Tears

This is the first release of the Swedish Gothic Doom Metallers.
And it's a bit different to their upcoming releases; here you can hear that they originate from the Death Metal scene.
Brennare haven't really develop his voice to what is shall be on their upcoming releases.
But I don't think that the voice Brennare use on later Lake of Tears albums should fit as nicely in to this album as the voice he has here.
This is a real killer release, in matter of fact, a Death Metal orientated Gothic Doom Metal release, the precursor to the Lake of Tears sound that should change from album to album, but still be Lake of Tears.
I don't think that there is one other band that could have don't what Lake of Tears have done, to change sound for each album but still be as good as they always been.

The first time I heard Lake of Tears was it songs like "Raven Land" and "Headstones", from the Headstones album that was the most played, and I really didn't came in to this Lake of Tears release, it was to raw for me I think.
But then I brought it my self and really tried to listen to it, and the more I listen the more is was stunned about the great album.
I never thought that this album should be as good as it is.
All the Melodic parts, that I didn't hear the first times I listen to it, then appeared.
And now, I think this album is the best Lake of Tears have done, after Headstones of course, nothing can change that, Headstones is number one and will so be, if not Lake of Tears exceed them self and release an album better than that, but how big is that chance.

One song that is better than all other is the Epic masterpiece "Upon the Highest Mountain" (Yes, part two is on Headstones), it must be the best Lake of Tears ever done, both parts I mean.
But the whole record, Greater Art is a diamond, just waiting to be discovered.
It's a pretty short record, just 8 songs, but in other case, it's just good songs? no, just wonderful songs.
A mix between Death, Doom and Gothic, does it sounds interesting? Well, this is the only chance to heard Lake of Tears mix those three ingredients.

The lyric is a easy as always when it comes to Lake of Tears but it so incredible useful, I don't know another band that can use such easy lyrics and still make is to perfect as Lake of Tears makes it.
And the production is wonderfully raw, this is exactly the sound this albums should have, I don't think that this would sound this good without this raw production.

So all of you, that haven't heard Lake of Tears or you that haven't heard this debut of the best Swedish band ever, it's never to late to change, check it up, this and the other 4 albums. You will LOVE it.

Killing Songs: All, all and again, all. But the Epic masterpiece "Upon the Highest Mountain" is somehow the best on the album, but without the rest of the songs, this wouldn't have been as good as it is.

Written by Malcolm | 10.11.2003



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23.05.2010 - 20:05
Liver Failure
Agree about the greatness of ''Upon the highest mountain'' (some nice riffs on As Daylight Yields also), but overall the review overrates every aspect of the album. Gothic/Death seems to be the most difficult genre to ever reproduce in a pleasant way... this is just average.

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06.09.2016 - 01:29
Bad English
A great review great album and masterpiece more primitive in some way as they still searching, I agree about voice , but Tiamat singer has same in older albums, and yes band changes and are great, excellent lyricists
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

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