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Band: Lake Of Tears
Album: Headstones
Release date: October 1995

01. A Foreign Road
02. Raven Land
03. Dreamdemons
04. Sweetwater
05. Life's But A Dream
06. Headstones
07. Twilight
08. Burn Fire Burn
09. The Path Of The Gods (Upon The Highest Mountain, Part 2)

I should start to say that this is one of my all time favourite, no other album have touch me so emotionally deep as this one, no other album has given me so much creepy feelings. Lake of Tears was formed out of the ashes of Death Metal acts "Carnal Eruption" (Daniel Brennare, Jonas Eriksson and Mikael Larsson) and "Forsaken Grief" (Johan Oudhuis).They released their first demo, "Demo 1" in 1993 and got a record deal with the label "Black Mark Productions", a 5-album deal.

In 1994 they released their first real album, it was named "Greater Art" and it was more of a Death, Dark Metal album, than the successor "Headstones".
The band's last release, "The Neonai" was released in 2002, but the band had already splited up before that. But because they had a 5-album deal, they got together and recorded that album, and then quitted again. Until now, 2003, they had got together again, and it's now in the final act in a new record deal, with another record company, and next year, they have a new album and a tour in the schedule.

Well well, now back to "Headstones" again.
It was released in 1995, and it is "Lake of Tears" second release and they had already created their own style, a mixture of Gothic, Doom, Acoustic and Melancholy. And Brennare used a much cleaner voice on this record. And their own style is something almost any band can't get near, and they are so superior in Sweden in this part. (Only "Tiamat" can get close to "Lake of Tears"). One special thing with "Lake of Tears" is that their lyric is so easy, there are no Super lyrics, just simple, but oh so brilliant lyrics, and all the acoustic parts are wonderful and really fun to play.

There are nine tracks on this album, one is instrumental and they have a read thread trough the whole album, not only a thread trough some regular track, no it's a thread trough eight master songs. There is NO bad track on this album; all of them are fantastic and wonderful. I am almost dependence on this album; the fantastic chorus of the songs "Raven Land" and "Headstones" is eating up my mind from inside, so unbelievable brilliant.
The production is absolutely brilliant, can't hear one thing that I would change in the mixing or production part, not one.

The only "bad" thing I can find on this Masterpiece is the song "Burn Fire Burn", do not misunderstand me now, it's brilliant song, but the chorus part, when the lyric goes "Burn Fire Burn" one of the best guitar parts gets destroyed, but that's almost a pathetic thing to complain on.

And saved to last, the 13 minute long epic masterpiece, "The Path of the Gods (Upon the Highest mountain Pt. II)" a successor to the song "Upon the Highest Mountain" from the debut album "Greater Art".
What a song my friends, what a song. It have it all, great riff, unbelievable melody, wonderful vocals. Yes my friends, it's almost perfection.

So everyone that hasn's heard these guys, for fuck sake, does you a favour, get this Masterpiece at once.

Killing Songs: All of them, these are not from our world my friends.

Written by Malcolm | 07.10.2003



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23.10.2006 - 23:27
Account deleted
This is a gothic metal masterpiece, as far as I'm concerned. Great atmosphere, good musicianship, very good vocals. unique sound in the world of gothic metal. those who enjoyed headstones should definitely check Lake of tears Forever Autumn album.
23.04.2007 - 07:13
Southern Wind
Account deleted
Thrilling album indeed...
05.08.2007 - 12:29
Metal Master
Heh, i laugh every time when i hear Dreamdemons...It sounds like vocalist sings "emo" in the song. it's so fucking funny...:)
But Sweetwater is still the best song from this album.
10.11.2007 - 04:12
My favourite album for Lake Of Tears, the whole atmosphere and feelings that it gives u are great.
On the plain lies an angel, dead
10.11.2007 - 15:23
Hmm... Im sold, Im going to check this album out.
24.09.2011 - 06:05
This one of my LOT favorites as well. Wish they could create gems like these again.
20.11.2012 - 00:07
Erik M.
I love this album and think it's better than Forever Autumn, due to more variety of the songs and it feels a lot more original overall.

And I agree that Burn Fire Burn is the weakest track on the album. My favourites thus far are Twilight (that guitar!) and The Path of the Gods (that outro is amazing), but to be honest I like every track a lot, they're all awesome.
07.09.2016 - 01:14
Bad English
A review what was written by swede and uou can tell another epically written .. maybe best review ever written what gives details about songs
Good album
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