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Band: Saga
Album: Worlds Apart Revisited
Release date: 2007

Disc I
01. The Pitchman
02. Give 'Em The Money
03. You're Not Alone
04. See Them Smile
05. The Runaway
06. Ice Nice
07. On The Loose
08. Wind Him Up
09. Amnesia
10. Framed

Disc II
01. Time's Up
02. The Interview
03. No Regrets
04. Conversations
05. No Stranger
06. Scratching The Surface
07. Keep It Reel
08. We've Been Here Before
09. Humble Stance
10. Don't Be Late
11. How Long
12. Careful Where You Step

2007 is the year of the 30th anniversary of the Prog Rock band from Toronto Canada, Saga. Maybe you still don't know them, they've never been extremely famous like Yes or Rush but they released some great albums like "Worlds Apart," an album which was released in 1982. They were also one of the first bands ever to have the chance to release (in 1978!) their first album "Saga" on a CD! No doubt this band has a real history and this live album, which was recorded in Switzerland in 2004, is a perfect way to discover them or just to close a really nice chapter…

The music of Saga sounds a bit like that of Toto with the main difference being that the Canadians always put some progressive touches in their compositions. You'll find a lot of keyboards, with some atmospheric ambiances even if the songs are punchy in general and never lack rhythm. Of course, it's a Rock band so don't expect aggressive and fast rhythms, it's not Progressive Metal too but for sure the guys of Saga are some genius musicians and you'll be able to listen to some perfect guitars soli, great drums or keyboards lines. Also, Michael Sadler is an amazing singer and his really original voice gives something more to the music of Saga. It's a live, a "compilation" so I will not talk a lot about the songs which are featured on this double CD but be sure that they're the bests of the band with (and that's the great thing!) the full interpretation of "Worlds Apart" which is probably the best release of the band. This live album is just filled with great songs, it's pure happiness.

The production of the album is really good. The sound is great we can hear a lot the audience which is really reactive and all in all, the fact that the band played the whole "Wolrds Appart" in the middle of the set list is a very good thing. You also have to know that this live album was filmed and that you can find a DVD of the concert. Now that you know that Michael Sadler (the singer) chose lately to leave the band, this final release is just a great way for him to say a nice farewell to their fans.

"Worlds Apart Revisited" is a great double live album. The majority of the best songs of the band are featured on those CDs and for sure this is a must if you want to listen to the amazing voice of Michael Sadler for the last time. Without him, what is the future of the band? Hard to say to be honest, without its charismatic singer I'm not sure that Saga will be able to survive but after all, we never know, Marillion did it so… we still can hope some good things, let's believe in Saga again and again…

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 02.05.2007



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The quality of playing is so good, its amazing. I must find the DVD somewhere!

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