Mägo De Oz - Gaia

01. Obertura MDXX
02. Gaia
03. La Conquista
04. Alma
05. La Costa Del Silencio
06. El Árbol De La Noche Triste
07. La Rosa De Los Vientos
08. La Leyenda De La Llorona
09. Van A Rodar Cabezas
10. El Atrapasueños
11. Si Te Vas
12. La Venganza De Gaia

Atlanta year 2003. An Hispanic American woman is condemned to die in the electric chair for a crime that she didn't commit. In the night, the state governor arrives to his mansion and found out that the woman has contacted him via his private email address.
After the initial disconcert, and intrigued by the content of the email, he starts to read it with curiosity.
In the email the woman tells a story that happened in 1520 when the Spaniards conquered Mexico…
That's the concept for the new offering of the Spaniards of Mago De Oz (translated: Wizard Of Oz)

I just love this band, these guys are the masters of Folk Metal, and for those of you that doesn't know what is Folk Metal, I'll explain it just one more time. When we talk about Folk Metal is basically Power/Heavy metal, with some folkloric elements, usually, violins, flutes, whistles, bagpipes etc the range of instruments is very wide and that's what makes Folk Metal so unique, there isn't a formula, and there's hardly 2 bands alike.

Mago de Oz of course, aren't newcomers here, this is their fifth studio album, and not counting their double live album.
Anyway, I was expecting this album for a while now and now is finally here, and I must say that I'm impressed, they did it again , they created a masterpiece, this time in 1 Cd (their latest studio album "Finisterra" was a 2 Cd album), and what a Cd my friends! Let's go in depth shall we?

After a rather long intro the album kicks off with "Gaia" a monumental epic and majestic song that starts very slow but builds up to become this incredible piece of music with it's 11 minutes of duration, I like when bands don't choose their fastest song to open the disc.
"La Conquista" (The Conquest), speed things up and includes a really great Hammond organ, giving the song a bluesy touch, the guitar solo reminded me of Iron Maiden.

Now is time to get real folky! (yes, folky, not funky) With "Alma" (Soul) things starts with the whole works, flutes, violins and all those folk elements, I must say that I love the voice of José, that Spanish accent gives the music a very special touch, and I can understand everything he says, that's got to be a bonus!

Those songs was just a little preview to THE song in the album, at least in my ranks "La Costa Del Silencio" (The Coast Of Silence) has to be the catchiest song I've heard in many many years, the chorus is just amazing, impossible not to sing along, now I'm just thankful that Spanish is my native language so I can sing along this beautiful chorus without the aid of any lyric sheet, superb song.

"La Rosa De Los Vientos" (The Rose Of the Winds) has one of the most beautiful lyrics I've heard in a long time, full of hope and kindness, just like a poem… "La Leyenda De La Llorona" (The Leyend Of The Weeper) is a instrumental song that shows us the truly potential of these guys and the whole magnitude of their instruments, here, the violin and the flute intertwine in a exquisite bouquet of harmony.

Of course the album cannot go without a good epic closer, just like the opener, the closer "La Venganza de Gaia" (The Revenge Of Gaia) is a 11minute piece, funny thing, both "Gaia" and "La Venganza De Gaia" are exactly 11:03 minutes long.

Anyway, this review has gone very long! Well, that's the way it is when you like an album and you want to express al you can about this, I'll just say this: buy this or die, you know, gotsa get folky!

Band profile: Mägo De Oz
Album: Gaia


written by Undercraft | 00.00.0000

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Mago De Oz is certainly the most famous metal band coming from Spain. Well, "Gaia" demonstrates to us that this title is not usurped. Indeed, the new album of this Spanish heavy metal band is a big confirmation of their enormous potential.

If you don't know Mago De Oz, I must explain to you that this band is very special. They had the merit to have created their own style. In two words, Mago De Oz plays a beautiful heavy metal with in addition a lot of piano, keyboards and especially some parts of flute and violin. The result is very convincing and beautiful. In a lot of tracks, we got very original breaks of pure Celtic music.

published 07.01.2004 | Comments (2)


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Ellrohir - 28.09.2009 at 09:08  
This and Gaia II are the best albums
Mr. Doctor - 28.09.2009 at 16:43  
I can't see La Rosa De Los Vientos as a good song... it's just waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too gay...
Their best stuff was Jesus De Chamberi, Finisterra and La Leyenda De La Mancha

And imo.. the very best is in the Live one, perfect tracklist with pretty much not filler at all.
Ellrohir - 28.09.2009 at 17:10  
Ok, you dont like "La Rosa De Los Vientos"...so what about "Gaia", "La Costa Del Silencio" or "Si Te Vas"? gay too?
Mr. Doctor - 28.09.2009 at 17:57  
Don't take the gay tag too seriosly. But I just find the music too cheesy. And they were cheesy in the beginning so that says a lot already.
And I don't know... Understanding all the lyrics helps to make an opinion too. I really liked some lyrics from the second to the fourth cd... Both the music and the lyrics were more powerful and original.

Now... it seems way too romantic at times, and I'm from south america... So I'm feed up with latin romantic music that my mom plays at the kitchen.
Ellrohir - 28.09.2009 at 18:12  
I am not blaming you...you dont like the song, ok...but i ask about the others
Mr. Doctor - 28.09.2009 at 18:16  
La Costa Del Silencio almsot conviced me for a bit, but is still nothing I will check out. same goes for Gaia.. It's just not as good as what they did before. I give them credit for trying though.

And Si Te vas, well... still cheesy romantic stuff that I couldn't get into.

For me Mago is just from the second to the fourth album + the live.
Ellrohir - 28.09.2009 at 18:41  
Hm...i vise verse somehow like the newer stuff more
Uirapuru - 24.03.2010 at 18:12  
Yeah their best album by far. Of course, 9.5 is way too much for any album of this band, but since this review is from the year zero, I forgive Undercraft.

And I agree with Mr. Doctor here, the comprehension of the lyrics made this album a little worse... they are ''lamesly overromantc'' ... the exemple of mom's music at the kitchen was perfect.

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