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Band: Sodom
Album: One Night In Bangkok
Release date: 2003

Disc I
01. Among The Weirdcong
02. The Vice Of Killing
03. Der Wachtturm
04. The Saw Is The Law
05. Blasphemer
06. Sodomized
07. Remember The Fallen
08. I Am The War
09. Eat Me!
10. Masquerade In Blood
11. M.16
12. Agent Orange
13. Outbreak Of Evil

Disc II
01. Sodomy & Lust
02. Napalm In The Morning
03. Fuck The Police
04. Tombstone
05. Witching Metal
06. The Enemy Inside
07. Die Stumme Ursel
08. Ausgebombt
09. Code Red
10. Ace Of Spades [Motörhead cover]
11. Stalinhagel
+ Among The Weirdcong [video]

Sodom Sodom Sodom?

There is the crowd that howls for this legendary thrash band from Germany. Not need to present them... ?A night In Bangkok? is the new double album ?live? of the band recorded during the M.16 Asia tour 2002 in Bangkok.

And well, what a great live album. With more than 90 min of music and 24 songs. ?One Night In Bangkok? is certainly one of this legendary ?live? album like ?Decade Of Aggression? of Slayer or ?Live Shit: Binge & Purge? of Metallica. Here all the discography of Sodom is played: ?Blasphemer? [In The Sign Of Evil], ?Sodomy and Lust? [Persecution Mania], ?Masquerade In Blood? [Masquerade In Blood] ?Napalm In The Morning? [M.16], ?Stalinhagel? [Better Off Dead] etc etc etc. Let's add to this a new song [very good] ?The Enemy Inside? and a great cover of Motorhead ?Ace Of Spades?.
The general ambience of this ?live? is perfect boosted by Tom Angelripper, Bernemann and Bobby Schottkowski who give everything they can during this show. Let's add to this an incredible unleashed crowd who sing and scream all the time and you understand that we are in presence of a masterpiece.
For the sound, surely the most important thing with this kind of album, well I can say that it's not too bad. In general all the songs sound good except sometimes with some problems with the mixing desk. But don's worry this album rock as hell and the musicians and the crowd are so excellent that this live album can be listened has will.

If you are a fan of Sodom, or if you want to know this band, this album must be your. Great ambience, a lot of songs [+ a video of ?Among The Weirdcong?], a pure energy cleared by the crowd and musicians. I can's say anything wrong with this production. Maybe some peoples will be disappointed because one title or other one is not in the set list, but you can't have it all.
Well in conclusion I can only counsel you to buy ?One Night In Bangkok?. It's a great live you won't regret it. Personally I return to my earphones...

Sodom Sodom Sodom...

Written by Jeff | 10.10.2003



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09.08.2007 - 13:00
An excellent Live album!! I love to hear Thrash Metal live albums they're really incredible and this one is a proof!
09.08.2007 - 17:13
Sodom Sodom Sodom?

whats with all the question marks in the review? I almost pissed myself when I read this...I couldn't help but post it

Uh yeah, great album.
03.05.2016 - 11:14
Sodom Sodom Sodom?

Every time I read that, it's in the voice of the seagulls from finding nemo.

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