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Band: Mortiis
Album: Some Kind Of Heroin - The Grudge Remixes
Release date: April 2007

01. Underdog [Zombie Girl Remix]
02. The Grudge [Gothminister Mix]
03. Twist The Knife [The Gibbering Mix by Implant]
04. Broken Skin feat. Stephan Groth [Septic Wound Mix by XP8]
05. The Grudge [Mental Siege Mix]
06. Gibber [PIG Remix]
07. Way Too Wicked [Rape, Dope and the American Way Mix by The Kovenant]
08. Gibber [Lysergic Club Mix by Velvet Acid Christ]
09. The Worst In Me [Girls Under Glass Mix]
10. The Grudge [David Wallace Remix]
11. Broken Skin feat. Stephan Groth [Funker Vogt Remix]
12. The Grudge [Emotional Heresy by Kubrick]
13. Decadent & Desperate [Therafuck Remix by Dope Stars]
14. Gibber [Gibbering Idiot]
15. Way Too Wicked [Absinthium Mix]
16. The Worst In Me [Extraction Mix by In The Nursery]

"The Grudge" was an uplifting piece for this band; while their first albums were, at least at most levels, hard to digest and excruciatingly long for the ears (I'm talking about early 90's pieces of course) the newer era of Mortiis saw a big opportunity in doing tolerant music filled with Industrial elements and catchy structures. "The Smell Of Rain" was their big hit, everyone inside the dark wave bought this album, plus most people into alternative metal received a tasty bone to chew and they obviously joined the big orgy; the years passed by and "The Grudge" saw the light, now everyone was previously interested and they were already part of the mystery, then they all bought and loved this CD of course.

More years passed by and they decided to release a remix of the aforementioned album. So let's not talk about publicity or marketing (like many reviews I've been reading nowadays) let's just talk about the music for once…

People did a big effort that's for sure; the album has a fairly good amount of "big names" re-working Mortiis's tunes, they do a good job actually, most of the songs do not sound like the original one, that's why people do this kind of things in the first place, some others sound the same and others sound wrong in some places. The versatility level goes to the roof in this album, while some songs will make you hit the dance-floor (Underdog "Zombie Girl Remix") others will make you want to die while you're drowned in depression (Twist The Knife "The Gibbering Mix by Implant).

Even though it's truth most of the songs have that "Dance" feeling inside them, each one works in a very different stamp creating in the end an album that sounds more like a bizarre compilation than a conceptual "tribute" album. "Some Kind Of Heroin" works in a very unpredictable scheme, you won't ever know what's next and that makes it a little tiresome for some people, others will rejoice as they'll found themselves on the edge of the couch just waiting for another industrial/disco/something-else mystery song to appear.

The fact this compilation is so variable makes the replay values drop to the ground; it's just what happens with this kind of concepts, you'll hear the entire CD and you'll of course grab two or three songs (out of sixteen) to be your favorites, next time you toss the record in your player you'll found yourself skipping through tracks over and over again, it's almost a matter of logics.

I think this is a very interesting album, bands like The Kovenant and Velvet Acid Christ make a wonderful job here (those being the best remixes in this compilation). But people who don't fully know "The Grudge" and specially people who don't know Mortiis will be totally out of the line, thus making this album kind of elitist and "For fans only"…it's almost printed on the title, "if you're not into this band you won't understand the content of this piece"…

Best Tracks: "Underdog (Zombie Girl Remix)", "Way Too Wicked (Psychotic Comatose Mix by The Kovenant)", "Gibber (Lysergic Club Mic by Velvet Acid Christ)"

Recommended If You Like: Aphex Twins, Nine Inch Nails, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Disco Stu

Written by Herzebeth | 29.05.2007



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29.05.2007 - 22:36
iiiiiiiiii mortiis
i want to have this cd
29.05.2007 - 23:11
I've always thought that this Keebler Elf dude was weird. I'm not a fan, but I wouldn't mind hearing the remix done by The Kovenant.

Edit - Crap. Now I'm really hungry for some tasty treats from Keebler. Those Fudge Shoppe cookies are delicious.
03.06.2009 - 16:46
Liver Failure
That's very bad... some parts are enjoyable but I didnt like overall. Can't wait for a new album thou, hopefully something closer to The Smell of Rain.

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