Marduk - Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered review


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Band: Marduk
Album: Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered
Release date: June 1996

01. Summon The Darkness
02. Beyond The Grace Of God
03. Infernal Eternal
04. Glorification Of The Black God
05. Darkness It Shall Be
06. The Black Tormentors Of Satan
07. Dracul Va Domni Din Nou In Transilvania
08. Legion
09. Beyond The Grace Of God [2004 re-release bonus]
10. Glorification [2004 re-release bonus]
11. Black Tormentor/Shadow Of Our Infernal King [2004 re-release bonus]
12. Infernal Eternal/Towards The Land Of The Damned [2004 re-release bonus]

Finally Legion arrives!!!

This album marks the birth of Marduk's finest era, the first record with one of the most impressive and violent frontmen in the Black Metal scene, a man with an incredibly powerful voice that reaches unimaginable tones and shivering screams, a monstrous presence that killed and savaged each and every stage that he touched, he is the one and only, Legion ladies and gentlemen!

This record musically destroys everything in its path; here we can't fully hear Legion's brain (YET!) as this is only his debut, so the music comes in the same line that the band managed to keep since "Those Of The Unlight", straight and utterly aggressive Black Metal, now with a more powerful set of growls performed by the aforementioned name.

Most of us already know how this album sounds, and we also know that "Heaven Shall Burnů" is almost impossible to get nowadays right? Then a record label was smart enough to re-issue this material with incredible bonus tracks, and now you can reach the impossible via Regain Records, and not only that, you'll also get extra material that will melt the brains of most Marduk fans.

This might not be Marduk's best effort, it might not be an unequalled and utter masterpiece, but it's sure a huge Black Metal classic, it sure earned a spot in your shelves and it will unmercifully assault your mind and ears alter your body is all dry and covered with corpse-paint.

Best Tracks: "Legion", "Infernal Eternal"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 8
Production: 7

Written by Herzebeth | 30.05.2007



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21.07.2007 - 09:39
Joey Jo Jo
Piece of shit
I really love this album when it comes to black metal. It's just "get in, and get out" full out speed, but with interesting bits here and there. It's not a masterpiece, but I rank it higher than albums that are usually called black metal masterpieces (Emperor's In the Nightside Eclipse is very overrated).

I personally think it is Marduk's best effort. No other album of theirs has as much identity or consistency.
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21.07.2007 - 10:47
This album has great atmosphere...its my favorite so far after Panzer Division Marduk...I would have to say that Glorification of the Black God is my favorite track.
22.07.2007 - 21:13
It's one of my favorite Marduk albums. "Infernal Eternal" is great. High speed Black Metal at it's best.
31.05.2009 - 14:51
Liver Failure
Much better production, and the sound much faster than the previous albuns. It kinda kills the dark ambient that the other works offer, but still a good album.
One of the worst albums of Marduk. My highlights are ''Glorification of the black god'', ''Darkness it shall be'' and ''Black tormentor of Satan''.
Legion also has good attractives.

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10.09.2012 - 19:00
I love everything about this release. Legions vocals are some of the best Black Metal vocals ive heard. Killer release

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