S.M.E.S. - Gory Gory Halleluja! review

Band: S.M.E.S.
Album: Gory Gory Halleluja!
Release date: 2006

01. Gory Gory Halleluja
02. Cozy Nostra
03. Sucker On My Pucker
04. Total Abdomination
05. A Muse SIck
06. Nibble On A Nipple
07. The S.M.E.S. Army Knife
08. In Fact: Infect
09. Your Own Fault
10. It's Raining
11. Turtleturd
12. Suicide Against Old Age
13. Surprisefarty

Well I'm sure you already know this one-man band is the side project from Last Days Of Humanity's vocalist, fortunately for some and sadly for others the aforementioned band died and S.M.E.S is now Erwin de Groot's main project apparently (I seriously don't think Urine Festival could be mentioned as a main anything so…)

"Gory Gory Halleluja" is his new invention, a mixture of Industrial metal elements with Erwin's own sickening gore-o-fun, in fewer words it's what people commonly knows as Cybergore. This new piece is somehow different from the rest of the efforts that S.M.E.Shas released though, "Gory Gory Halleluja" is ironically less brutal than the rest of their albums; here we see ourselves drowned in a slow-paced groove assault and cheesy melodies, hell it's fucking catchy I'd give you that, but even the blast-beats sound lethargic in some points (Cozy Nostra for example)

Once you get by the antithesis of being slow, everything suits quite well, the music sounds diverse and the groove grows on you like a motherfucker, so this is an album that might earn a spot in your player and won't leave it for a long while; that's only in the case that you don't mind the bouncy patterns and the slow structures of course.

While people into Goregrind and Brutal stuff might get all excited by the title and by the fact Erwin de Groot is the brain here, they'll be disappointed by the overall content, this album sounds nothing like Last Days Of Humanity of course, sadly plenty of people is waiting for it to sound like a fucking blasting machine with gore and guts all over the place, but the only thing that resembles Last Days Of Humanity is the voice people, that's why they called it "Side Project" in the first place.

Anyway, this band has its own fans already, they'll be pleased!

Best Tracks: "Turtleturd", "A Muse Sick"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 7
Songwriting: 6
Originality: 9
Production: 7

Written by Herzebeth | 02.06.2007



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03.06.2007 - 01:17
so fucking disappointing....I hate cyber grind...

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