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Band: Blood Tsunami
Album: Thrash Metal
Release date: 2007

01. Evil Unleashed
02. Let Blood Rain
03. Rampage Of Revenge
04. Infernal Final Carnage
05. Devoured By Flames
06. Torn Apart
07. Godbeater
08. Killing Spree

Oh yeah Thrash Metal is back!!

Well maybe not in the meticulous or literal way of bringing back Coroner or old Possessed, but in a more spastic way, the kind of which makes people open their eyes and see how some genres can still be saved even though they already lost their main substance and core.

Blood Tsunami plays Post-Thrash Metal; think for example in The Haunted mixed with a violent slice of Lamb Of God, it has hardcore elements of course (as any of the Post-Thrashers out there) that combined with some guitar solos, ferocious vocals and moshing riffs make a great style of groove metal that covers most tastes from old-school aficionados to newer hardcore kids.

The truth is Blood Tsunami is better than most Carnal Forge worshippers, while most of those bands lined towards the alternative side of music, adding super-catchy lines and hardcore drumming, this Norwegian group kicks the bouncy segments in the teeth and gives the aggressive side a big chance. It ends up sounding quite amazing to tell you the truth, this album actually comes closer to Thrash Metal than most of you would think.

Execution-wise this piece is very good, some bits need to be polished and structured, after all this is only a debut album you see? They have songwriting skills for sure, though I would have been happier without the hardcore ends (no matter how few they are), still the overall scheme is quite impressive.

What these guys really must do is to focus on Thrash Metal as a whole and not as an opportunity to blend some other genres in, they have what it takes, they just need to grow a beard add the conventional long hair, act like drunken maggots, buy some old jeans from the Slayer's secondhand shop and voilà! we'll have the next best thing in the Thrash Metal catacombs.

Best Tracks: "Godbeater", "Evil Unleashed"

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Production: 8

Written by Herzebeth | 04.06.2007



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04.06.2007 - 18:13
Account deleted
If I remember correctly Faust (ex Emperor) is playing in this band. Quite good.
04.06.2007 - 18:22
Baz Anderson
yes indeed he is..
I just listened to a little bit on myspace.. not what I was expecting..
not such a fan of the vocals or the whole style of music really.. but I am sure a load of people will love this album
04.06.2007 - 18:46
Yeah, just listened to a bit of this on their MySpace page, personally I think its pretty good. Some great thrash riffs in the mix here.

Better than I thought it would be at least.
04.06.2007 - 22:15
Didn't impress me much, overall nothing too interesting m'afraid
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06.06.2007 - 16:04
Saw them when they supported Zyklon on their recent tour, and they blew my mind! Bought their CD from the merch stall as well, good stuff!
31.05.2008 - 16:06
they are great... thrash metal can be alive until bands like this are working..
i'm not in thrash metal and just got it because of Bard Eithun, but i really enjoyed them...

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