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Band: Obliteration
Album: Perpetual Decay
Release date: 2007

01. Sadistic Nekroaboration
02. The Abominator
03. BreedingTthe Sick
04. Repent
05. Instrumental
06. Perpetual Decay
07. Guts And Glory
08. Consumed By Flames
09. Sepulchral Entity
10. Sinstorm

Obliteration is one of the last signatures of Darkthrone's label Tyrant Syndicate Productions. This young combo comes from Norway and plays old school Death. After an EP "Total Fucking Obliteration" released in 2005, they release this year their first album, "Perpetual Decay". If you're not looking for originality and want an "underground" and old school good Death, this album will be for you.

As you can understand, Obliteration didn't try to produce something trendy. Believe me, "Perpetual Decay" is all but not commercial and if you're bored by the numerous "Melodic Death" bands and releases, "Perpetual Decay" will be like a real fountain of youth for you. The thing is that the guys of Obliteration wrote a really nice album of classic Death Metal. We have classy melodies (which are melodic and catchy and everything without being weak), great complex Death Metal soli and fast like mid tempos compositions. The voice of Sindre Solem can be a bit monotonous with time but all in all, "Perpetual Decay" is a solid album of Death Metal which only suffers of its classicism. A thing which will never be a problem for the fans of the genre anyway…

Too bad that the album lacks a bit of variation and that it's a bit "simple" and monotonous in the end. I regret too that we have ten songs for only… 33 minutes of music, that's short really. But except those two little reproaches I didn't find anything bad on this release. It's a really classic but good Death Metal album and "Perpetual Decay" should be in your Death Metal Cds collection.

It's not so easy today to find original releases and "Perpetual Decay" is not an original one. But I don't mind, the band didn't write this release to be "original" or to be commercial but just to do cool Death Metal and they succeed to do it. "Perpetual Decay" is s a good album of old school Death Metal recommended for the fans of the genre.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 09.06.2007



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04.03.2011 - 20:58
A great album. I really enjoy this band
04.03.2011 - 21:40
Troy Killjoy
Nekropsalms is stronger overall in my opinion, but both albums absolutely slay. The first band I'd mention for someone who wants more music a la early Autopsy.
Prettier than BloodTears.

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