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Band: Furia (FRA)
Album: Kheros
Release date: January 2006

01. The Descent Of A Warrior
02. The Imperfection Of The Soul
03. Errare Humanum Est
04. Dogma's Fall
05. Isolement
06. Insomnia
07. A Heart In Escape
08. Lamentation
09. Evil Spell Approval
10. Declaration Of War
11. End Of A Belief, The Beginning Of A Truth
12. The Result Of A Destiny

Third release of Furia, "Kheros" was awaited like the confirmation of this really good promising French combo. The previous album, "Un Lac De Larme Et De Sang" was a pure masterpiece and a lot of people in France and all around Europe wanted something better or at least similar. But the band chose to do something a bit different and the result is a bit disturbing actually. Not bad but different…

"Un Lac De Larme Et De Sang" was a perfect mix between Heavy Metal and Gothenburg Death. With its really theatrical lyrics and concept this album was fresh and surprising. Plus the riffs were all amazing and the songs extremely catchy, it's the kind of tracks that you cannot forget. For Kheros, Furia decided to change it a bit and to do something a bit more modern but also a bit more easy of access and then, commercial too. That's the problem of Kheros, on a side the album sound a bit like the previous one, it's not a new band with a new music but a lot of the tracks, are just too much "Nu Metal" in the spirit and that's a bit chocking. "Un Lac De Larme Et De Sang" was a really beautiful album of extreme Heavy Metal, Kehros is an album of Extreme Nu Metal (I know that this term doesn't really exist but you probably see what I mean). The new things of the album, the electronic sounds or the commercial riffs just kill the magic of "Un Lac De Larme Et De Sang". But on the other hand, I don't know why (probably because Furia is a good band actually) it works and it's cool to listen to the songs. If I have to be clear, I have to say that Kehros is not better than "Un Lac De Larme Et De Sang" but it's a pleasant album (and the ones who was a bit disappointed by the EP should try the album because the other songs are just great actually).

The production of Kheros is great and better than the one of "Un Lac De Larme Et De Sang". Plus, now that they're signed on Season Of Mist, the band has the luck to have a better distribution. If the album is not their best one, they had some better means of production and it's a lot more professional. If the band can find the way to do a little come back to the style of the previous album with some parts of the new one and with this kind of production, it the next album should be a great masterpiece.

Kheros is disturbing when you compare it to "Un Lac De Larme Et De Sang" but if this album wasn't so good Kheros should be a great one. The problem of Kheros is that it suffers of the comparison with its great predecessor. Furia produced a good album of Metal which simply doesn't have the charm of "Un Lac De Larme Et De Sang" but it's highly recommended if you like extreme Heavy and are not afraid of "modern" sonorities.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 8
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Production: 8

Written by Jeff | 09.06.2007



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10.06.2007 - 22:12
White Winter Sun
Laboratory's Rat
I'm agree with Jeff. The comparison with the previous works of the band is disturbing.
I have "A La Quête Du Passé" and "Un Lac De Larme Et De Sang". They are really different to this new work.
And after their beautiful DVD "La Source Noire", this new album goes away a few from the universe of the beginning. But it stay a good album.
13.06.2007 - 22:21
I've not listened to this album because I hated the Re-Birth EP. After the excellent Un Lac de Larmes et de Sang and the Source Noire box, I couldn't stand it. Maybe I'll give it a shot, maybe I won't

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