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Band: Loits
Album: Must Album
Release date: June 2007

01. Emaraud
02. Soomusronglase Silmis
03. Suudelda Neidu
04. Kiri Kaevikust
05. Ei Kahetse Midagi
06. Veealune Valss
07. Peegli Ees
08. Surmarestoran
09. Öölaul

Mustad Laulud EP:
10. Haavad Uulitsal
11. Haige
12. Tankisõidulaul
13. Roim Repelis

Loits' latest studio effort is musically as diverse as Metallica and lyrically as depressing as "The Schindler's List." While their preceeding "Vere Kutse Kohustab" album was in a large portion about valor in combat, "Must Album" ("The Black Album") is about far darker matters. It's not that the previous release was pro-war, quite on the contrary, it too dealt with the duality of war. "Must Album" however is heartbreaking. Tales of personal loss and tragedy, genocide and the overall devastating effects of war upon mankind, more precisely stories about the fate of Estonians during World War 2, but the main idea applies everywhere and at any given time. A tribute to those caught in the whirlwind of bloody conflicts.

Lyrics always play a big part in the music but Loits downright rip your heart out. Their words, delivered by an emotionally varying vocalist, from furious growls to tender clean, depict everything unfair in this world. "Emaraud" ("Motheriron") is about mass deportations, tearing families apart, while "Kiri Kaevikust" ("A Letter from the trenches") tells a tale of two schoolmates, forced to fight on different sides of the frontline; one wounds the other and kills his father, making his last moments agonizing hell. The latter is quite possibly the most depressing song about war ever written.

When a band strikes with such a powerful lyrical concept, it feels a bit trivial to jump to the undoubtedly fun musical side as the "mosh-along" value of the album is clearly a ten out of ten. Then again, ass-kicking flak'n'roll tunes are outnumbered by darker vibrations. While songs like "Soomusronglase Silmis" and "Ei Kahetse Midagi" enduce the flow of adrenaline, dopamine and every other upper-screamer drug on this planet, there are tracks, hearses, if you will, that accompanied by a disfigured accordion and crushing riffs carry the dead to their final resting place. The aforementioned "Emaraud" grazes the realm of industrial metal, uniting the breath of an armored train and chopping guitars in beautiful disharmony.

Compelled to go technical, I must add the portion of black metal has actually somewhat increased since "Vere Kutse Kohustab". But to stress the diversity of "Must Album" I will throw in a few names to give you a clearer picture. So, in no particular order of relevance - Satyricon, Motörhead, Bathory, Burzum, Paradise Lost. Yet, Loits have, as always, a very unique take on all these styles. Their sound signature is unmistakable.

All in all, "Must Album" is a mixture of testosterone fueled rock and devastatingly emotional requiems. A painful reminder, that the fates of millions will always be decided by a few evil men.

Written by destroyah | 01.07.2007



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01.07.2007 - 16:11
It sounds very fine...though the sadness of this album(since based on true events)may be a bit repelling, it has a fine message...indeed....fates of thousands are decided because of crimes of few greedy people.....oh well....I think I'll be purchasing this album.....
Go ahead, make my day...
05.07.2007 - 20:07
Account deleted
I have it and it's just super! Well yeah, it's very sad, but metal can't possibly be a happy music...so...if you're ready for a heartbreak... then go on and get the album!
05.07.2007 - 21:26
Amazing how can a band do three so different albums and they all are very good.
27.03.2009 - 23:11
Must Album is the best Loits's album
08.12.2014 - 16:44
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What a great album indeed. Incredibly sad and frightening. Thoroughly great, unique vocals and lyrics too - I specially like when they paint a picture of surroundings in some songs.

Almost a ten.

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