Paracoccidioidomicosisproctitissarcomucosis - Aromatica Germenexcitación En Orgías De Viscosa Y Amarga Putrefación
1 July 2007

01. Zombies Sadomasoquistas Hacia La Linfatica Descomposición Esquitosomasis
02. Azoospermia (Rancid Penetration Inmunology In The Anfitheater)
03. Sarcastica Y Sofocante Micoplasma Neumonia Con Clamidias En La Monucleosis Infecciosa
04. Sean Bienvenidas A Nuestras Paradas, Duras Y Jugosas Vergas (erótica Clitoridectomia Ataxxxia Hacia Una Intradermorreacion I Miosotis Con Osteolosis)
05. Coitoexamen Sexológico A Una Obesa Bisexual Fornicando Con Una Lesbiana Anoréxica. Ambas Con Vaginismo Orgásmico Clitorideo Y Dispareuniavasocongestión Placentera
06. Arriba México Porno Ensangrentados Mexicas
07. Truncación De La Erección Clitoral (Cunnilingus)
08. Erótico Festejo Anal Por La Inmolada E Irreconocible Carne Femenil (Aromática Germenexcitación En Orgías De Viscosa Y Amarga Putrefacción)

The last time I heard this guys was in 2002 I think, their debut album was released by this same label and it was praised by the underground for the first couple of months, then people noticed this band had a shocking name but a very uninspired offering. 5 years later this though can finally change a little, the band that used to sound like a lot of mud with ridiculously low production now polished their sound, slowed their patterns a little bit and managed to create better structures.
This thing can make some fans go away and that's the major problem, Paracocci… Grew enormously on the minds of melancolic Goregrinders still sniffing the first Carcass CD "Reek Of Putrefaction", you know, the one with louzy production and sucky sound? Now Paracocci… adopted a refreshing style, it's still quite sickening and brutal, but the band tossed a lot of streched riffs and mid-paced patterns in the songwriting, so it ends up sounding like that new Disgorge album "Gore blessed To The Works", brutal, catchy, mid-paced and somehow interesting.

The concept is still about anal sex and gore mixed with many orgasmic rituals, you'll still have some wet-dreams after hearing the intros and seeing the pictures so no change there, so it all comes down to the new songwriting. I see many people trying this piece and actually liking it, the band grew up in a very uplifting way, so it's really interesting to hear their new sound to tell you the truth. I can safely say it's still very brutal and Gory, but I guess they just wanted to expand their audience in the corners.

A very good album if you've been following the band's path, I can also recommend this album to newbies that didn't know about Paracocci... until today, if you're into goregrind and anal sex you're already there my friend.

Best Tracks: They have really long names so..."6th", "2nd" and "8th"... and that girl in the 5th track intro gave me a boner.

Performance: 6
Songwriting: 7
Originality: 6
Production: 8


written by Herzebeth | 01.07.2007

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Daniell - 18.09.2011 at 00:41  
Ridiculous load of bollocks if you ask me.
Cuca Beludo - 30.04.2012 at 20:18  
Written by Daniell on 18.09.2011 at 00:41

Ridiculous load of bollocks if you ask me.

Boxcar Willy - 30.04.2012 at 22:30  
Looks bad, and is fucking terible musically.
Troy Killjoy - 30.04.2012 at 22:42  
Written by Boxcar Willy on 30.04.2012 at 22:30
Looks bad, and is fucking terible musically.

I wouldn't say they're terrible musically, but it's definitely not your typical Misery Index or Cephalic Carnage. It's a pretty fun, raw, mid-paced grind release that builds on a really dank atmosphere and old school doomy vibe.

Don't worry, I'm not calling this doom-influenced or anything, just the production gives it a similar feel to old doom/death metal bands such as Asphyx and Autopsy.

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